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Jean Paul II Karol Wojtyła

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1 Jean Paul II Karol Wojtyła
My European Hero

2 Karol Wojtyła was born on May 18th 1920 in Wadowice

3 By his friends he was called ‘Lolek’ and in his childhood he knew already that he would like to be a priest

4 When he became a bishop he lived in Cracow

5 Lolek’s favourite cookies
were cream-cakes And his favourite sport – football

6 After his election to Pope he received
the name Jean Paul II

7 Papal emblem

8 Pope loved children very much

9 He played not only footbal, but he was also skiing, canoeing and wandering the mountains

10 On May 13th 1981 Jean Paul II was shot, but he was instantly
transported to the hospital and survived.

11 He was traveling to many countries

12 Jean Paul II died on April 2nd 2005 in the Vatikan

13 On May 1st 2011 he was appointed BLESSED

14 We know, who Jean Paul II was and how much good he did

15 We do remember…

16 We do love…

17 We won’t forget about you Jean Paul II

18 Logo eTwinning Prepared by Henryka Bochenek

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