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2 Background Common framework to describe primary health care models in the EU is not available. Not yet developed a trans-national consensus on how to define quality of primary care. Cost of primary care are not well identified in national accounting systems.

3 Objective EUPRIMECARE is a project funded by the 7th Framework which aims to describe different primary care models in Europe, assess their quality in different dimensions and determine their costs.

4 Partners 1.Institute of Health Carlos III (ISCIII – ES) 2.Universität Bielefeld (UNIBI- DE) 3.University of Tartu (UTartu – ET) 4.National Institute for Stratagic Health Research (ESKI – HU) 5.Institute for Health and Welfare (THL – FI) 6.Kaunas Universtity of Medicine (KMU – LT) 7.Universita Commerciale Luigi Bocconi (UB – IT) 8.Országos Alapellátási Intezet (OALI – HU)

5 Overall Structure Models of Primary Care in Europe (WP2) Cost (WP 3 & 4) Quality (WP 5 & 6) Establish link between Quality and Cost in Primary Care (WP7) Management & Coordination (WP1) Dissemination (WP8)

6 Workpackages Overall management of the project, including technical, administrative, financial and organisational issues. To provide the means for efficient internal information flow and knowledge management. To agree on and execute ethical procedures, publications rules, and rights. WP1: Management & Coordination Task leader: ISCIII

7 Workpackages To define and validate models of primary care in Europe To classify models through 5 dimensions: – Financing – Regulation – Payment – Organization – Organizational behavior WP2: Primary care models in Europe Task leaders: ISCIII, KMU, THL

8 Workpackages To identify methodology for cost measurement in primary care at macro and micro level WP3: Methodology for primary care costs Task leaders: UNIBI, UB

9 Workpackages To measure costs in primary care services in different EU countries: – At macro level. In relation to: population size, GPD, OECD costs... – At micro level. Data related to specific services and providers WP4: Measurement of primary care costs Task leaders: UNIBI, ESKI

10 Workpackages To identify methodology for quality assessment in primary care (quality criteria, indicators...) Focus groups: – Patients – Professionals WP5: Quality assessment methodology Task leaders: OALI, UTartu, THL, KMU, ISCIII

11 Workpackages To measure quality of EU primary care services including access, equity, appropriateness and patient satisfaction – Review of medical records – Population survey WP6: Assessment of quality Task leaders: UTartu, THL, KMU

12 Workpackages To establish a link between cost & quality in different primary care models To identify possible trade-offs between quality dimensions and costs according to desired improvements WP7: Linking quality and costs Task leaders: ISCIII

13 Workpackages To analyse potential impact of project results Ensure effective dissemination to all relevant stakeholders WP8: Dissemination Task leaders: ISCIII, THL, OALI

14 Implementation Management Organisational Structure of Euprimecare EU Commission Steering Committee Coordinator WP Leaders Stakeholders / Advisory Board

15 Potential impact Common research framework for Primary Care Organisational Models in Europe Methodology for measuring the cost of PC at macro & micro level Cost analysis of PHC models in Europe Tools for quality assessment in EU PC Review of quality in EU PC models Recommendations for analysis of PC models in terms of quality and cost

16 Thank you so much!

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