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Erik-Jan Bos (NORDUnet)

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1 ORIENTplus: The super highway for R&E collaboration between Europe and China
Erik-Jan Bos (NORDUnet) TNC2013 – Maastricht, The Netherlands – June 5, 2013

2 Contents History ORIENTplus Project Updated status Use case examples
Future plans

3 History ORIENT: 2007 – 2010 IP routed link between Copenhagen and Beijing Speed: 2.5 Gbit/s

4 ORIENTplus, an Introduction
Time period: 2011 – 2014 Partners: China: CERNET and CSTNET Europe: European NRENs and DANTE (coord) Budget: 4 million euro Sponsored by the European Commission, Chinese Government and the partner European NRENs Aims: To continue a direct link between China and Europe for R&E, and increase its speed To stimulate further development of services To promote the use of the services

5 Partner list of ORIENT/ORIENTplus

6 ORIENTplus Link Planning
Timeline for the Link: 2011: Copenhagen-Beijing at 2.5G (CERNET, supplied by TeliaSonera) 2012: London-Beijing at 2.5G (CSTNET, supplied by China Unicom as result of tender) 2013&2014: London-Beijing at 10G (EU partners, supplied by China Unicom as result of tender)

7 ORIENTplus, start ORIENTplus started as a continuation from the ORIENT project

8 ORIENTplus, the move to 10G
10 Gbit/s milestone reached on January 2nd, 2013 A 10G lambda between London and Beijing

9 CERNET: biggest NREN in China
Fibre network backbone 100G(40λ) DWDM Core IP network backbone 100G 31 provinces and over 200 cities 38 PoPs Over 2000 universities and institutes 30M users . 9

10 CSTNET: S&T Network in China
Backbone 10G 12 sub centers Over 20 provinces Over 100 research institutes Over 1M end users 10

11 CNGI-CERNET2 IPv6 Backbone
Backbone 10G to 40G/100G 25 PoPs in 20 cities Over 260 IPv6 access networks, most of them /48 IPv6 addresses 2M end users 11

12 Schematic of the 10 Gbit/s link engineering
ORIENTplus, a more technical view Schematic of the 10 Gbit/s link engineering

13 MRTG view on the link on January 2, 2013
Moving to the new link New 10G link delivered in December 2012 as planned, by China Unicom Traffic cut over from old 2.5G link to new 10G link happened on January 2, 2013 as planned MRTG view on the link on January 2, 2013

14 CNGI-6IX in Beijing CNGI-6IX schematic in Beijing, China

15 London OLE schematic in London, UK
London OLE, part of GÉANT Open London OLE schematic in London, UK Part of GEANT Open

16 Back-up for ORIENTplus
Distance London – Beijing: 8250 km (ATCF) IP backup for ORIENTplus link through: 10G Internet2/NSF link Beijing – Los Angeles Internet2's routed IP network ACE Project's multi-10G North Atlantic lambdas ORIENTplus is also backup for Beijing-Los Angeles, as a mutual backup Thus, creating a multi-G IP routed infrastructure for R&E across the Northern Hemishpere

17 Link Usage (1) Over 25 substantial scientific and educational collaborative projects and programmes are using the ORIENT/ORIENTplus route: CERN Collaboration: LHC project (IHEP- IN2P3), South East University with CERN Shanghai Astronomical Observatory – JIVE INFN-ARGO YBJ EMBnet EUChinaGrid GEONETCast- EUMETSAT 1000 Genomes Project 17

18 Link Usage (2) INWA-GRID CEOP-AEGIS and DRAGON2
Shanghai Jiao Tong University – University of Essex Bridge-Grid ITER - the global fusion energy programme Global atmospheric research, remote robotic experiments, etc. 18

19 Future Plans Further develop shared operations of the link between CNGI-6IX NOC and GEANT NOC Deployment of tools and services for R&E such as: PerfSONAR eduroam Dynamic point to point links, using the Open Grid Forum's NSI Architecture Stimulating the use of the link

20 ORIENTplus: An opportunity for your users
High-speed Routed IP and Point-to-Point links between Europe and China available for Research and Education You can... Help us promote the usage of the link in your PR material Inform the users you talk to about ORIENTplus Feedback any opportunity for ORIENTplus back to the Project partners

21 More information on ORIENTplus:
Thank you! Questions? More information on ORIENTplus: Speaker's contact details: Erik-Jan Bos Acknowledgements: European Commission Chinese Government CERNET: Jennifer An and Zhonghui Li CSTNET: Jiangning and Yongzheng Ma Various European NREN staff DANTE and GEANT NOC

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