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National consultation on ethnic minorities

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1 National consultation on ethnic minorities
Programme in the Netherlands on the 5th of June 2012

2 The National Consultation Platform on Minorities
The alliances of the National Consultation on Minorities (LOM) are the partner in dialogue for the Dutch government . Eight representative alliances: citizens of Caribbean, Chinese, Moroccan, Moluccan, Surinamese, Turkish and South European descent and refugees in the Netherlands

3 Goals Increasing effectiveness of integration-policy by increasing
support of minorities Increasing emancipation and participation of minorities/migrants.

4 Tasks of the alliances Antenna function: through consultations the government will obtain better understanding Quality function: improvement of the quality of policy thanks to an effective dialogue Broadening public acceptance : trust of the target group for integration policy Channeling of (potential) conflicts: enter into dialogue with ethnic minorities quickly at criticial moments and mediate between opposing groups

5 Minority Policy Consultation Act
Starting point of integration policy is the interaction between the society and Minorities/migrants 1997 Minority policy constulation Act entered into force. Legal basis of the consultation.

6 Agenda-setting by LOM alliances
Honour-violence, forced marriages, freedom of (partner)choice Homo-emancipation Female gential mutilation

7 Agendasetting by LOM alliances
Political participation; legal status Employment /labour participation Education Health care

8 Strenght and weaknesses
An unique mechanism that fits in the poldermodel Strengths and weaknesses: + Pragmatic recognition of ethnic pluriformity + Short lines for consultation + Ongoing dialogue (not incidental) + Broad representation of the main ethnic groups - Internal coordination is difficult - It lacks the connection with regular consultative bodies

9 Ongoing need for dialogue
Eyes and ears for detecting of developments in our dynamic and complex society. Having contacts when there are local tensions or incidents, receiving ‘early warnings’. Monitoring the effects of policy changes for ethnic minorities. Does it reach our grassroots? Government should be receptive to agenda setting by ethnic minorities.

10 Why change a winning team?
Superdiversity representation no longer adequate or even an issue. Post-modern society view on active / interactive citizenship. National government is one player among others.

11 Discussion - questions
How does the GFM coordinate the linkage between the different ethnic groups? What are the main topics and concerns of the migrants in Greece? In Greece on municipal level Integration councils are established, what are the experiences?

12 www.

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