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Geography, History and Administration facts about the Italian country.

2 Some HISTORY facts Italy has become a united country in It was unified after long years of divisions and civil wars under the Reign of Vittorio Emanuele of Savoia. Italy remained a monarchy until After the end of World War II the Italian people voted in a referendum to become a Republic. On June 2nd Italians celebrate La Festa Della Repubblica. This year, they also celebrated the 60th anniversary of the Constitution.

3 Vittorio Emanuele II Re d’Italia
Giuseppe Garibaldi

4 Silvio Berlusconi is Italy’s Prime Minister
Administration Parlamento Parliament (7 anni): Camera dei Deputati House of Representatives Senato Senate Governo Cabinet (5 anni) Primo Ministro Prime Minister Ministeri Departments Presidente della Repubblica (commander in chief of armed forces, guarantor of the constitution) Silvio Berlusconi is Italy’s Prime Minister

5 Giorgio Napolitano is the President of the Italian Republic
“Italy is a democratic republic founded on labour” (art 1)

6 Some GEOGRAPHY facts Italy is a peninsula in the Mediterranean Sea. Its shape has been compared to that of a boot. The entire length of the Republic of Italy is 1,185 km or 736 miles. It extends over a total land area 301,230 square km or 116,306 square miles. It is slightly bigger than the American state of Arizona. .

7 The Italian northern borderline is shaped by the Alps (le Alpi)
The Appennini mountain range is nicknamed the “spine” of Italy, it starts in the northern region of Liguria and runs all the way south to the very tip of the “boot”, in Calabria.

8 Il Mare Mediterraneo takes different names around the coasts of Italy.
To the west of the peninsula, it is called Mare Tirreno. To the east of the peninsula, it is called Mare Adriatico. To the south of the peninsula, it is called Mare Ionio. The two major islands of Italy are the island of Sardegna and the island of Sicilia. .

9 ITALIA POLITICA Italy is divided in 20 regions
The capital city of Italy is ROMA, which is located in the region of LAZIO, in central Italy. Each region is divided in “Provincie”, and has a ‘capital’ city called CAPOLUOGO DI PROVINCIA. For example, Napoli is il Capoluogo di Provincia della Regione Campania

10 Valle d’Aosta (Aosta) Piemonte (Torino) Lombardia (Milano) Trentino Alto-Adige (Trento) Veneto (Venezia) Friuli Venezia-Giulia (Trieste) Liguria (Genova) Emilia Romagna (Bologna) Toscana (Firenze) Umbria (Perugia) Marche (Ancona) Lazio (Roma) Abruzzo (L’Aquila) Molise (Campobasso) Campania (Napoli) Basilicata (Matera) Calabria (Catanzaro) Puglia (Bari) Sicilia (Palermo) Sardegna (Cagliari)


12 Your Quarter Project Your quarter project is to research and prepare a presentation of one of the regions in Italy. Your project will consist of two parts: A written component (30 points) A power point presentation (30 points)

13 Requested information:
Region Flag Capoluogo di Provincia Geographical position A typical dish (describe) A tourist attraction (monument or place) A famous person originally from that region (with reasons)


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