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Italian Reflexive Verbs

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1 Italian Reflexive Verbs
Reflexive verbs, generally, are verbs in which the subject and the object are the same; in English, you use the reflexive pronouns myself, yourself, himself, etc Examples: Lavarsi (reflexive verb) Lavare( not reflexive)

2 *A: Lavarsi - to wash oneself *B: Lavare- to wash anything

3 A. *Radersi to shave oneself himself,etc B. *radere/ to shave
*A. reflexive *B not reflexive

4 A*Pettinarsi- to comb one's hair B.*Pettinare- to comb
A. reflexive B. not reflexive

5 A.*svegliarsi- to wake up oneself B.* svegliare-to wake up someone
A.* reflexive B.* not reflexive

6 A*vestirsi - to dress oneself B*vestire - to dress
A* reflexive B* not reflexive

addormentarsi to fall asleep alzarsi to get up annoiarsi to be bored chiamarsi to be named divertirsi to have fun, to enjoy oneself farsi il bagno to bathe oneself farsi la doccia to take a shower fermarsi to stop oneself lavarsi to wash oneself lavarsi i denti to wash one’s teeth

mettersi to put (clothing) on mettersi a to begin to (do something) pettinarsi to comb one's hair prepararsi to prepare onself preoccuparsi (di) to worry (about) sedersi to sit down sentirsi to feel svegliarsi to wake up vestirsi to get dressed

9 Reflexive pronouns (i pronomi riflessivi)
SINGULAR PLURAL mi myself ci ourselves ti yourself vi yourselves si himself,herself, si themselves, yourself(f), itself yourselves (f) (f=formal)

10 I Verbi Riflessivi (presente) a sample conjugation of lavarsi (to wash oneself)
io mi lavo = I wash myself tu ti lavi = you wash yourself lui/lei si lava = he/she washes him/herself noi ci laviamo = we wash ourselves voi vi lavate = you wash yourselves loro si lavano = they wash themselves

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