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ROMPIAMO IL SILENZIO I numeri ci fanno riflettere.

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1 ROMPIAMO IL SILENZIO I numeri ci fanno riflettere










11 Lesotho Lesotho is a small mountainous country situated entirely within the borders of South Africa. Based on indicators of poverty, human resources and economic diversification, Lesotho is is classified within the group of the poorest countries in the world. It's one of the countries worst affected by the AIDS epidemic with adult prevalence of 28.9% according to the UNAIDS 2004 Report on the global AIDS epidemic. With a population of 2.2 million people and 320,000 of its adults estimated to be living with HIV, the country is facing an unprecendented national disaster. The number of single and dual orphans is increasing dramatically, from an estimated 73,000 (UNAIDS, 2001) to around 90,000 (WFP, 2003) children in the age group 0–15 years.

12 Lesotho

13 AIDS Regione per Regione nel 2004 Lombardia: 16411 Calabria: 541 Lazio: 7163Abruzzo: 442 Emilia Romagna: 5294 Piemonte: 3651Umbria: 438 Toscana: 3326Friuli Ven. G.: 431 Veneto: 3062Trento: 310 Liguria: 2711Bolzano: 233 Sicilia: 2312Basilicata: 158 Puglia: 2081Valle dAosta: 75 Campania: 1991Molise: 44 TOTALE: 50.674


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