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European Integration Fund ( EIF) VISION Project Ipswich

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1 European Integration Fund ( EIF) VISION Project Ipswich

2 Aims The aim of the project is to put into action the EU Framework of Common Basic Principles for integration by promoting community cohesion and integration in Ipswich and Suffolk. PRIORITY 1: Implementation of actions designed to put the 'Common Basic Principles for immigrant integration policy in the European Union' into practice Actions under this priority should primarily be targeted at newly-arrived third-country nationals and may include programmes and activities designed to introduce newly-arrived third-country nationals to the host society and to help them acquire basic knowledge of host society's language, history, institutions, socio-economic features, cultural life and fundamental norms and values. PRIORITY 2: Development of indicators and evaluation methodologies to assess progress, adjust policies and measures and to facilitate co-ordination of comparative learning One of the main success factors for integration is constant measuring and monitoring of policies and activities so that they produce the intended results. Development of clearly-defined objectives and assessment instruments is encouraged at all levels of integration governance, i.e. national, regional, local and European. They are also important for the development of common models and standards at EU level. PRIORITY 3: Policy capacity building, co-ordination and intercultural competence building in the Member States across the different levels and departments of government Essential for the design and implementation of comprehensive integration policies, based on the Common Basic Principles and an inclusive approach. PRIORITY 4: Exchange of experience, good practice and information on integration between the Member States

3 European Integration Fund
The first tranche of funding came in 2007 Third Country Nationals ( Non EU Nationals) New arrivals ( The person should have not been in the country for more than 5 years initially. This year the term has changed to 10 years) Visa leading to settlement in the UK Solidarity funds Refugee funds ERF and European funds and newly introduced EIF Visa – like Spouse visa, tier 1 general visa, tier 2 visa their spouses. Refugees re not included as they are catered for by Refugee funds

4 Background Potential isolation of newly-arrived third country nationals; barriers to accessing services No Recourse to Public Funds Specific needs of new arrivals not being met No interaction with the local community

5 Language Culture Religion Self Confidence Inhibitions Awareness
Barriers Language Culture Religion Self Confidence Inhibitions Awareness

6 Language & IT courses that up-skill and improve employability
Objectives Language & IT courses that up-skill and improve employability Introductory programmes that promote mutual understanding and integration Employment awareness programme Exchange of good practice, experience and information

7 CSV Media Clubhouse Ipswich
EIF Projects ICON Project to Completed ACTION Project to Currently running VISION Project to ( launched in Sept 2011)

8 Courses provided Accredited ESOL training ESOL & Citizenship Course
IT & Media Training Courses CV Writing Skills & Interview Techniques Mentoring Training

9 Services provided Information Advice & Guidance Sessions
NARIC sessions One Stop Shop Life in The UK Exam support workshops

10 Events & other activities for Integration
Taste of Life Annual Event Chat ‘n’ Chill Group Cultural, Historical & Political Visits Awareness about Goods & Services Volunteering Opportunities

11 Projects Statistics 700+ people benefiting from the projects
High level of community and public interest about the projects High level of interest for One stop shop 150+ beneficiaries into volunteering 60+ beneficiaries into employment Results update October 2011

12 Contact VISION Project
CSV Media Clubhouse 120 Princes Street Ipswich IP1 1RS Tel

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