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Safer roads by solutions

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1 Safer roads by solutions

2 Road safety situation in Croatia
Ladys and Gentelman you have already seen european the statistics in my colleague’s presentation, but please look closer to this diagram. As you can see the road safty in Croatia has improved, but still death rate of traffic accidents is twice as high as it was 15 years ago in Sweden.

3 Road safety situation in Croatia
Half of deths in Croatian traffic accidents consern car users, 25% most vanrable road users – cyclists and pedestrians

4 Information and communication
How to make roads safer? Driving culture Rules and regulations Vehicles Information and communication Out of five factors of road safety I would like to focuse on Infrastructure solutions. Infrastructure Road with equipment

5 Use of few SAFEROAD® products can decrease number of deaths in traffic accidents and help shrink national budget gap. My colegue presented the economic factors of traffic safety, so please keep in mind that….

6 This nice video shows the scope of Saferoad products…

7 Road Restraint Systems by SAFEROAD®
Road Barriers Bridge Parapets One of the ways of improving road safety is installation of tested RRS. RRS is used to separate traffic, protect the driver fron obsicles or to protect the surroundings of the road. If theres no other way to avoide danger road restraint sustem should be used.

8 SAFEROAD® road barriers
Selection of SAFEROAD® single sided road barriers MegaRail es N2 W2 MegaRail ec 2.2 Orsta Road Barrier N2 N2 W3 W4 MegaRail e W3 Birsta W2 W4 MegaRail en Birsta 2P Sicuro Classic W4 W6 Vik 2mm W5 MegaRail sl N2 H1 W4 W4 MegaRail ec 3.3 H1 MegaRail bw asphalt H2 Eco-rail H2, W4 MegaRail ec 4.4 MegaRail s MegaRail ek Birsta 3P H3g H3 Selection of SAFEROAD® central road barriers Birsta 1P N2 H1 W4 W5 Monoline central barier N2 W4 Vik Central Barier W5 MegaRail db H2 MegaRail d MegaRail s double Saferoad® produces over 100 types of barriers. Range of products is also covered by typical products from RAL catalogue (like Super Rail or ESP). All of our road barriers have been crash tested according to EN-1317 and have CE marking. SafeRoad have engineered and tested over 100 types of road barriers that makes us the word biggest supplyer of road barriers. Tabel shows the selection of our most interesting products. Range of our products is also covered with typical products from RAL catalogue (like Super Rail or ESP).

9 Birsta 1P N2, W4, A H1, W5, A Advantages: double sided system,
fast installation, low maintenance cost - the barrier doesn’t have to be replaced after small collisions, replacement is very quick, smooth profile, low width – perfect for dividing traffic lanes or pedestrian and cyclists from road traffic Birsta 1p is one of our new developmens. This product was developed in cooperation with Swedish road administration in order to create extremely economic system through life time cycle.

10 Birsta 1P N2, W4, A H1, W5, A 25% of deaths on Croatian roads affects pedestrian and cyclists Birsta 1P is a good way to safe lives of most vulnerable road users This picture presents the Swedish idea for dividing pedestrians and cyclists from road traffic. Please remember that 25% of deths of Croatian roads affects pedestrian and cyclists.

11 SAFEROAD® bridge parapets
Selection of SAFEROAD® bridge parapets MegaRail bs H1 W2 Balmerguard H2 W1 Sicuro ARC Orsta Bridge Parapet Safeline Bridge Parapet Birsta W 1,2 - base plate W3 Birsta W 1,4 - base plate Birsta 3P - base plate Birsta 3P - casted Eco-rail VLP 1R (central) W4 MegaRail bw Birsta 3p H3b H3 Eco-rail H4b, W5 H2 H4b W3 W5 Birsta 3p H4b H4b Range of bridge parapets produced by Saferoad® covers all containment levels and have working width starting from W1 (W<0,6m). All of our bridge parapets have been crash tested according to EN-1317 and have CE marking. This table shows the Range of bridge parapets produced by Saferoad® that covers all containment levels and have working width starting from W1 (W<0,6m).

12 Selection of Our Standard Bridge Parapets
Sicuro ™ Birsta™ Safeline™ Ørsta™

13 Sicuro ARC Bridge Parapet H2, W2, B
… perfect design and safety. Advantages: different infill options height 1,20m easy maintenance Sicuro ARC is one of our Bridge Parapets that is especialy interesting. It combine safety, perfect aesthetic design and safety. Different infill options : snow defence mesch or pedestrian fence.

14 How does the H2 class bridge parapet should not work?
I would like to show you the bad example of H2 class bridge parapet.

15 How does H2 class bridge parapet should work?
This video presents crash test of one of saferoads H2 class bridge parapets.

16 Tailor Made Bridge Parapet Service From SAFEROAD®
We aim to be the worlds best supplier of tailor made bridge parapets, utilizing our group-wide expertise in the following areas: Consulting - Design - Development and engineering - Data simulation - Full scale testing and approval according to global standards Supply - Production of complete parapets - Installation by our own installation teams, or supervision your sub-contractor on site If renge of our products will not meet your expectations we have also Tailor Made bridge parapets to offer. Design Simulation Crash test

17 Tailor Made Bridge Parapets From SAFEROAD®
Installing of LED lights that illuminate different colors or noise barriers installed as a infill of bridge parapet is not a big challenge for Saferoad.

18 Barrier ending Ending of road barrier is often treated as a typical solution. It’s not crash tested but designed using copy and paste basis. But can we really treat it as lightly as we do now? Can we afford it? Another part of road infrastructure that have a grate influence on road safety are Barrier endings.

19 What will happen if we leave situation as it is now?
Please imagin what will happen if we leave situation as it is now?

20 This!

21 Typical barrier ending
(12m tilt down) frontal, 0°• 870km • 100 km/h Laidies and gentelman This video shows how typical barrier ending works in reality.

22 SafeEnd™ Advantages: standalone system – system doesn’t need connection with barrier for its performance, fast installation – one anchor and one post, tested for 110 km/h speed in order to provide system for highways and national road

23 Primus P2 Advantages: fast installation – down to 30 minutes, no heavy equipment requred, easy maintenence – 3 post system, tested for 80 km/h speed in order to provide system for national roads.

24 frontal, 0°, head centred • 1290km • 100 km/h
Lightning columns Do we really need to protect the driver from this? frontal, 0°, head centred • 1290km • 100 km/h Another important part of road infrastructure is lightning columns.

25 There is no need for that!
Use SAFEROAD® passively safe lightning columns instead of using road barriers to protect the driver. All of them crash tested according to EN have reached NE (no energy absorption) or HE (high energy absorption) class. Height range Step post m – 10 m Conical post ,5 m – 18 m Telescope post 4,6-6,5 m – m

26 How does passive safety work
How does passive safety work? This video presents other NE solution – Norsafe Mast. frontal, 0°, head centred • 1290km • 100 km/h

27 How does passive safety work
How does passive safety work? This video presents other HE solution – lightning column.

28 Unfortunately trees are not passively safe constructions.
Joke: well at least after reacheing 18 years old, before that they can be treated as passively safe HE solution :P

29 Polish road history – last 15 years
Over road accidents Over injured in road accidents Over deaths … including killed in one car accident – collision with ditch, tree, pole etc…. Cost – over EUR How could we save lives?

30 Primus 2a tested according to EN1317-2
N2, W5, A Advantages: - 6,5 m long barrier instead of long systems (usual test length is 60 m) Cost effective - Quick insallation - down to 90 minutes, The greate benefit of this product is that it’s performence is reached with only 6,5 m of lenght while standard road barrier needs about 60m lenght for its performance

31 Road Marking by SAFEROAD®
Road marking have great influence on road safety through its informational functions. the driver is informed about getting off the road. Road marking type II (structural road marking) - grate visibility in wet conditions at night, - acoustic functions. Profiled road marking - slightly improved visibility in wet conditions at night, - acoustic functions.

32 Test of road marking night visibility in wet conditions Structural Road Marking (type II) vs Smooth Road marking (Type I)

33 Gantry services from SafeRoad® Range of gantry services:
Gantries are increasing road safety by providing safe way of communication with the driver. Range of gantry services: Design Manufacturing Contract and installation works Consultation Service One of the safest ways of communicating to road user is placing informational sign above the road. By useng gantry dangerous obsticles can be removed from road sholder.

34 Gantries by SafeRoad® Wide range of functions:
- standard road signs, - variable massage signs, - traffic signalization - tolling ststems, - weight detect control systems, Wide range of parameters: - Span: up to 65 m, - Designed according to euro codes, Norwegian or Swedish standards, - Sign area up to 260 m2, ..are adjusted to its function to meet demand of safety and economic factors. Technical parameters… References: Electronic Toll Collection (ETC) in Poland, Congestion charging system in Stockholm, VMS gantries with walkway in Stockholm and Gothenbourg, Road user charging in Norway Advanced directional sign gantries in Sweden and Norway.

35 …have a SafeRoad back home…
Thank you for attention ! …have a SafeRoad back home…

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