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IMPERATIVO! (per comandare...) Giving commands in Italian... How fun!

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1 IMPERATIVO! (per comandare...) Giving commands in Italian... How fun!

2 Why Commands? Italians love to order people around - Can you think of anyone that does that every day, Monday through Friday? Commands are also used to give advice or as an invitation to do something specific

3 How do we change verbs to make them work as commands? Lets start by saying that you cant give commands to yourself ( could, but well avoid it!) Also, you cant give commands to people that are outside of the picture - lui/lei/loro

4 So who can we order around? We can give commands to a person - or people - we speak to directly That could be TU - if its friendly and informal Or it could be LEI - if its a formal approach Or it could be NOI - if youre giving a command to a group that you are part of Or it could even be VOI - if there is more than one person in question (not YOU - but YOU GUYS)

5 Of course, it will be the endings to make verbs take a command form And, of course, each verb family (-ARE -ERE -IRE) has a different set of endings. Ready to explore them? Here they are!

6 -ARE VERBS For TU form: -A Ex: GUARDA! For LEI form: -I Ex: GUARDI! (Notice how they endings swithed?) For NOI form: -IAMO Ex: GUARDIAMO! (Same old...) For VOI form: -ATE Ex: GUARDATE! (Same old...)

7 -ERE VERBS For TU form: -I Ex: SCRIVI! For LEI form: -A Ex: SCRIVA! For NOI form: -IAMO Ex: SCRIVIAMO! For VOI form: -ETE Ex: SCRIVETE!

8 -IRE VERBS For TU form: -I Ex: APRI! For LEI form: -A Ex: APRA! For NOI form: -IAMO Ex: APRIAMO! For VOI form: -ITE Ex: APRITE!

9 -IRE ISC VERBS TU and LEI: Drop the -O off the IO form - Ex: PULISCO/PULISC - then add For TU form: -I Ex: PULISCI! For LEI form: -A Ex: PULISCA! NOI and VOI remain normal! For NOI form: -IAMO Ex: PULIAMO! For VOI form: -ITE Ex: PULITE!

10 How about telling someone NOT to do something? For TU form: Keep the verb in -ARE - ERE and -IRE form and place NON in front of it. Ex: Non mangiare! Non scrivere! Non dormire! For LEI/NOI/VOI forms: Simply add NON in front of their command forms. Ex: (LEI) Non mangi! (NOI) Non scriviamo! (VOI) Non dormite!

11 With reflexive verbs (Mirror Verbs - actions reflected onto the subject) For TU - NOI - VOI forms: Attach the reflexive mini-word or object at the end of the verb. Ex. #1: Lavare/tu - Lava! But: Lavarsi/tu - Lavati! For LEI form: Keep the reflexive mini- word or object detached and place it before the verb. Ex: Lavare/Lei - Lavi! But: Lavarsi/Lei - Si lavi!

12 Reflexive Mini-Words Reminder Io - Mi Tu - Ti Lui/Lei - Si Noi - Ci Voi - Vi Loro - Si

13 What about the irregular verbs? Lucky you, theres only seven! ESSERE AVERE ANDARE DARE DIRE FARE STARE

14 ESSERE TU: Sii Lei: Sia Noi: Siamo Voi: Siate

15 AVERE Tu: Abbi Lei: Abbia Noi: Abbiamo Voi: Abbiate

16 ANDARE Tu: Vai/Va Lei: Vada Noi: Andiamo Voi: Andate

17 DARE Tu: Dai/Da Lei: Dia Noi: Diamo Voi: Date

18 DIRE Tu: Di Lei: Dica Noi: Diciamo Voi: Dite

19 FARE Tu: Fai/Fa Lei: Faccia Noi: Facciamo Voi: Fate

20 STARE Tu: Stai/Sta Lei: Stia Noi: Stiamo Voi: State

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