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Welcome in Udine!! Palazzo Patriarcato Dear MPTL 14. partecipants.

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2 Welcome in Udine!! Palazzo Patriarcato Dear MPTL 14. partecipants

3 Welcome in Friuli Venezia Giulia!!

4 We are approximatively in the centre of Europe

5 In particular we are 20 km west to the centre of Europe!!

6 Are we in the center of the world? …this is a joke … just a projection point of view!!! Of course…

7 Dear MPTL 14. partecipants Welcome in Udine!!

8 Dear MPTL 14. partecipants Welcome in the University of Udine!!

9 Welcome in the Rizzi scientific campus Of the the University of Udine!!

10 Dear colleague Welcome in MPTL14

11 International Organizing Institutions European Physical Society (EPS) – Physics Education Division Multimedia in Physics Teaching and Learning Group University of Udine, Italy – CIRD – DIFA – SSIS – FASF – FAMA

12 Collaborating Scientific Institutions and European Projects ESERA GIREP ICPE LAPEN EU Groups – MERLOT Physics – CoLoS – MOSEM – STEPS2 European Project SIF AIF University of Basilicata Calabria Modena and Reggio Emilia Trento

13 Local Organizing Committee Cristiana Compagno, Rector of the Udine University Raffaella Bombi, Rector Delegate for E-learning, Udine University Franco Fabbro, Dean of Faculty of Education, Udine University Luca Foresti, Science of Communication and Multimedia Degree Course, Udine University Carlo Tasso, Dean of Science Faculty and Responsible of the Artificial Intelligence Lab, Udine University Marisa Michelini, Director of the Physics Department, Udine University Lorenzo Santi, Director of CIRD, Udine University Renato Spoletti, CSIT Director, Udine University Alberto Stefanel, Physics Department, Udine University

14 International Advisory Board Wolfgang Christian, Davidson College, USA Costas P. Constantinou, University of Cyprus, Cyprus Justin Dillon, King's College, London, UK Ewa Debowska, University of Wroclaw, Poland Ton Ellermeijer, University of Amsterdam, Netherlands Francisco Esquembre, Universidad de Murcia, Spain Sonja Feiner-Valkier, Eindhoven University of Technology, The Netherlands Hans-Jörg Jodl, Technical University of Kaiserslautern, Germany Pratibha Jolly, Department of Physics, University of Delhi, India Robert Lambourne, Open University, UK Bruce Mason, University of Oklahoma, USA Leopold Mathelitsch, University of Graz, Austria Benedict Mihaly, University of Szeged, Hungary

15 International Advisory Board Marisa Michelini, University of Udine, Italy Cesar Edouardo Mora, Instituto Politécnico Nacional, México Elena Sassi, University of Naples, Italy Robert Sporken, University of Namur, Belgium Urbaan Titulaer, University of Linz, Austria Dimitrios Zevgolis, Hellenic Open University, Greece Dean Zollman, Kansas State University, USA Many Thanks!

16 The most important people Claudia Longhetto (Responsible), Cristina Cassan, Donatella Ceccolin, Paola Visentin, CIRD Secretariat, Udine University Emanuela Pividore, Physics Department, Udine University Domelio Da Rù, Mario Gervasio, Filippo Pascolo, Giorgio Salemi, Mauro Sabbadini, Alberto Sabatini, Technical Support

17 MPTL14 main goals Designing Multi-Media for teaching/learning physics Multi-Media for the teaching and learning processes. Research and physics education: multimedia in applied sciences, physics education research on multimedia to improve teaching and learning physics.

18 Topics modern physics topics and optics, modern physics topics and optics, classical physics topics, related with the analysis of the multimedia resources for different topics with particular emphasis on optics (see earlier reports at science in primary education and multimedia.

19 7 tracks T1: Integrating MM in Physics Teaching/Learning Paths and the role of MM and computer resources, as Java applets, to promote innovative teaching. T2: Design and use electronic material: textbooks, learning-objects, Java applets, MM tools and Physlets. T3: Active learning strategies with MM for education and teacher training: interactive learning, inquiry methods, problem solving, real time measurements and modeling to overcome conceptual knots in physics learning.

20 7 tracks T4: MM for learning the basic concepts of science in primary and secondary school and teacher education. T5: Web-environments, Internet portals, Internet on-line services for physics teaching and learning. T6: Designing and using MM and ICT in physics lab and remote lab. T7: MM materials and tools for evaluation of learning outcomes.

21 A particular attention to the contribution of the multimedia dimension in – learning process, in vertical perspective as concern curriculum, – starting from primary education.

22 CONTRIBUTIONS PER TRACK 100 selected between 180 For 16 hours meeting A challange for the programme!

23 Types of presentations General Talks (4) Special General Talk (AP French) WS (4) POP (3) OP – Oral Presentation (T1-T7) - 43 IP – Interactive Posters (T1-T7) - 21 Special Interactive Poster (1) Poster (T1 – T7) - 37

24 Contributions per school level

25 Contributions per methodology

26 Instruments in contributions

27 Types of contributions

28 Topics in contributoions

29 EPS Physics Education division gives us a lot of contributions Qualification of our abstract booklet in Europhysics conference abstract booklet – ISBN 2-914771-61-4 Grants for young researchers Poster prize for PhD students + Our initiative of selected paper book

30 applicants #SurnameFirst Namecountry 1MatejkaMichalSlovakia 2HanifMuhammadPakistan 3SzakmányTiborHungary 4SuomolaynenKsenia Russian Federation 5KopaszKatalinHungary 6Amoros PovedaLuciaIreland 7AntonovPavelUkraine 8IendaltsevaOlgaUkraine 9NyemchenkoUlianaUkraine 10JelačaPetarCroatia 11LipošćakAnaCroatia 12MaračićAnaCroatia 13ŠegotaDorisCroatia 14ShadrackAnthonyKenia 15ZafarAbrar AhmadChina 16SambuevaSvetlanaRussian Federation We was able to support 4 + 6 PhD students

31 Please Vote For the best poster!

32 160 MPTL 14 PARTICIPANTS partecipants: From Africa 4 (4) 1 (1): Ghana 1 (1) : Gambia 1 (1): Nigeria 1 (1): Central African Republic

33 MPTL 14 partecipants: from America 12 (12) 7 (10): Usa 2 (1): Mexico 3 (1): Brazil

34 MPTL 14 18 partecipants from Asia 1 (1): Taiwan 1 (1) : Singapore 4 (1): Pakistan 4 (1): Iran 3 (4): Russia (Asian Russia) 2 (1): United Arab Emirates 2 (1): Arabian Saudi

35 MPTL 14 partecipants: From the old new Europe 2 (3): Ireland 7 (6) Slovenia 8 (9): Hungary 1 (1): Sweden 7 (7): Poland 2 (2): Romania 6 (8): Czech Republic 6 (1) : Croatia 4 (2): Greece 2(1): United Kingdom 6 (8): Germany 3 (4): Belgium 2 (1): Austria 2 (2) : Bulgaria 2: Albania 5 (4): Slovakia 4 (5) : Ukraina 4 (6): The Nederland 6 (9): Spain 1: Switzerland 1 (2): Norway

36 MPTL 14 partecipants: From Italy 32 (42): Italy Napoli Macerata Palermo Cosenza Lecce Padova Pavia Torino Trento UDINE Modena Reggio E. Potenza

37 raccomendation Please profit of this rich environment you create coming! Enjoy your stay and please dont hesitate to come to us: we shall do our best to make your time more pleasant. Visit Udine!

38 Welcome in UDINE In freedom square!!!

39 Where you find the fountain by Giovanni Carrara Welcome in Udine!!

40 Where you find the Loggia del Lionello

41 The fresco of Giovan Battista Tiepolo Welcome in the city of

42 THANK YOU FOR YOUR COMING AND YOUR CONTRIBUTIONS!!! Marisa & organizing committee

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