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New frontier s e r v i c e s SOLAR ENERGY IN BELGIUM.

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1 new frontier s e r v i c e s SOLAR ENERGY IN BELGIUM

2 2 new frontier s e r v i c e s INTRODUCTION This presentation is a description of 15 solar power companies in Belgium Information provided includes: Date of foundation Company size Company capacity Products Current projects

3 3 new frontier s e r v i c e s 1. SANISOLAR Products: multifunction solar-fired heater, photovoltaic solar systems, solar- fired heater, heating swimming pool and solar collectors for swimming pool Installations in the cities of: Heule, Vichte, Schorisse, Drongen, Avelgem, Zingem, Roeselare, Mechelen, Assenede Dealers in the cities of: Zedelgem, Izegem, Tournai, Ninove, Diest, Quesmes, Jumet, Philipeville, Recht and Arlon

4 4 new frontier s e r v i c e s 2. ELECTRAWINDS Founded in 1988 The largest private company on the Belgian renewable energy market Energies: wind (15 winds farms) and solar power (7 installations) and biomass (3 power plants) Solar division: Belgium, France, Italy, Bulgaria and Rumania 18 affiliate companies 2007: Inauguration of the biggest solar power park in Belgium, in Middelkerke, with an investment of 6 M, 7000 panels (approx.), in 4 hectares, providing with solar power, approx families

5 5 new frontier s e r v i c e s 3. BELPOWER Affiliate company of the Belgium group REIBEL S.A founded in 1985 In 2002 REIBEL S.A decided to join an ONG in a project in order to provide an isolated city with renewable energy Provider, distributor, develops renewable energy and integrates photovoltaic installations Works in the 3 Belgian regions, Italy, Spain, France, Belgium and the USA Energies: solar,wind, water, biomass and cogeneration More than 20 collaborators in Belgium Clients: particulars, medium and small industrial co., collectives and international organizations

6 6 new frontier s e r v i c e s 4. SUNQUEST Wholesale supplier and exporter Hydraulic, solar and biomass power Products: solar water heating systems, furnaces photostatic applications, sanitary hot water, wood burning stoves and heating of swimming pools (covered or outdoors) High technology diffuse radiation The thermal solar systems are composed by solar collectors, heat accumulators, and solar stations of regulation and accessories of assembly of highest quality Systems individualized and corresponds exactly to the requirements of the clients and respects their budget

7 7 new frontier s e r v i c e s 5. BELSOLAR Solar thermal energy Since 2010 member of : LAssociation pour les Techniques Thermiques de Belgique (ATTB) 2011: Participant in European Solar Days (

8 8 new frontier s e r v i c e s 6. SunTechnics Member of Belsolar Develops, produces and commercializes Solar systems in order to produce heating and electricity Heat bombs for the interior central heating

9 9 new frontier s e r v i c e s 7. Voltaïque SPRL Selling, collocation and maintenance of the solar photovoltaic systems Free price estimation Profitability calculations available on the website Prices: Installation de 1680 Wc: +/ TVAC Installation de 2520 Wc: +/ TVAC Installation de 2960 Wc: +/ TVAC Installations: flat or inclined roofs

10 10 new frontier s e r v i c e s 8. SunSwitch CIS solar panels More than 1,800 installations in Belgium installations per week Since 2009: ASBL Solar Solidarity Grand prix wallon de l'entreprenariat du Brabant wallon: More information available at:

11 11 new frontier s e r v i c e s 9.REYNAERS ALUMINIUM Founded in 1965 and its seat is situated in Duffel (Belgium) Multinational company Buildings: 35% of total energy consumption Building Integrated Photovoltaics (BIPV) Products: windows and doors, sliding doors, walls curtain, verandas, solar protection and complementary systems Exports to more than 50 countries all around the world

12 12 new frontier s e r v i c e s 10. CONSOLAR Funded in 1994 More than 18,000 solar facilities in Europe Majority of their products are made in their own factories Greenshop Solar Ltd is the distributor of Consolar products in the UK In 2005 Consolar received in Germany the Ethics in Business award Installations:

13 13 new frontier s e r v i c e s 11. RENOVE ELECTRIC Since 1996: specialised in electrical installations (in wholesale business) Partners: TENESOL (Renove-Electric is a Belgian distributor of TENESOL), a branch of the groups TOTAL & EDF.TENESOL has been active since 1983 is the sector of renewable energy Products: Decoration, furnishing, toys, luxury and sports shoes, house appliances, sports articles or swift restoration

14 14 new frontier s e r v i c e s 12. ISSOL Private people can purchase their products online Distribution of products in Europe, America, Africa and in the Middle-East Operates in Belgium, France and Spain Products: streetlights,solar modules, inverters, tracking systems, solar kits and accessories Installations. More information and pictures available at: 6a6f04b0d

15 15 new frontier s e r v i c e s 13. ROTO FRANK 1935: Founded in Stuttgart Products: roof windows, ladders, solar systems, protection solar systems and accessories More information and pictures about their products:

16 16 new frontier s e r v i c e s 14. IMERYS Toiture In France, Belgium, Netherlands, Germany, Italy, Spain and Portugal Specialised in roofs More information and pictures about their products: Photovoltaique tiles IMERYS Terre Cuite. Association with EDF Energies Nouvelles Réparties (ENR)

17 17 new frontier s e r v i c e s Source: IMERYS Terre Cuite. L'Offre IMERYS Terre Cuite : La Tuile Photovoltaïque

18 18 new frontier s e r v i c e s 15. SOLAR Technics Businesses and agriculture Products: Solar panel farms and roofs Installations. More information and pictures available at:

19 19 new frontier s e r v i c e s Legal disclaimer: The sole responsibility for the content of this presentation lies with the authors. It does not necessarily reflect the opinion of the European Union. Neither the EACI nor the European Commission are responsible for any use that may be made of the information contained therein.

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