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Introduction and Course overview by S. O. Duffuaa.

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1 Introduction and Course overview by S. O. Duffuaa

2 Module Outline Role of Maintenance in a Company Production and Maintenance Relationship Maintenance as an input output system.

3 Module Outline Maintenance costs Maintenance planning Maintenance Strategic Planning Overview of the course

4 Role of Maintenance Predictable Plant Capacity Efficient Energy Use Maintenance and Availability Maintenance and Quality Maintenance and Equipment Life Time Maintenance and Energy Use Maintenance and Economy

5 Organizations’ Objectives include: Meet or exceed customer satisfaction Maximizing profit Meet deliveries Meet set targets Meet set safety standard Zero product defect Does Maintenance affect these goals? Role of Maintenance

6 Maintenance is the backbone of all successful enterprises and contributes to: Improve Product Quality Reduce Costs Meet Set Targets Improve Utilization Improve Equipment Performance

7 Figure 1: Dependency between production/Service and maintenance. Production/ Service Quality Maintenance Equipment Condition Demand for Maintenance Production Capacity Primary InputPrimary Output Product Quality

8 Maintenance Costs 1. DIRECT COSTS –Cost of Periodic Inspection –Service Cost –Repair Cost, Overhaul Cost 2. STAND-BY COSTS –Cost of Operating and Maintaining a Standby Unit

9 Maintenance Costs. 3. LOST PRODUCTION COSTS : –Cost due to Equipment down time. 4. DEGRADATION COST –Cost occurring due to deterioration of the life span of equipment due to no maintenance or inadequate maintenance.


11 Maintenance Planning activities Planning activities generally include the following : 1.Maintenance philosophy 2.Maintenance load forecasting 3.Maintenance capacity 4.Maintenance organization 5. Maintenance scheduling.

12 Maintenance Strategies 1.Breakdown Maintenance (Run To Failure) 2. Fault Finding (FF) 3. Time directed Preventive Maintenance(TD) 4. Condition Based Maintenance (CBD) 5. Design Modification (DM) 6. Replacement Instead of Maintenance 7. Planned Replacement (Car Fleet) 8. Opportunity Maintenance


14 Maintenance an Internal Part of an Organization

15 Growing Maintenance Expectations Fix it when it broke Higher plant availability Longer equipment life Lower costs Higher plant availability and reliability Greater safety Better product quality No damage to the environment Longer equipment life Greater cost effectiveness 1940 1950 1960 1970 1980 1990 2000

16 Production System, Maintenance System & Operations System Relationship

17 Availability Performance

18 Conceptual Presentation Of Availability Performance

19 Maintenance Strategies

20 Strategic Planning in Maintenance Vision Mission Objectives Measures/ balanced scored card Strategies Implementation Targets or goals Action plans

21 Vision “Where you want to be” To be an Award winning department at the international level. l Mission “ Why you exist?” –Keep plant equipment and assets well configured, safe to operate with the maximum availability maintained with minimum cost.

22 Objectives “ What to pursue to achieve mission and objectives.” l Recruit and maintain the best technical staff. l Adopt effective and proactive maintenance strategies using latest knowledge and technology. l Avail the needed spare parts at the minimum cost.

23 Measures MTBF for reliability Availability Costs Employee learning Utilization

24 Strategies TPM Intelligent maintenance. l Reliability Centered Maintenance (RCM)

25 Course Overview

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