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Living and working in Denmark Turin 12-13 October 2007.

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1 Living and working in Denmark Turin October 2007

2 this presentation about Denmark and the Danish society characteristics of the Danish labour market possibilities for working in Denmark where can you find information


4 Denmark appr square km 5,4 mill. inhabitants since 2007: 5 regions since 2007: 98 municipalities parliamentary democracy with a royal head of state

5 Denmark - currency Danish crown (DKK) DKK 100 = euro 13,40 euro 100= DKK 746,04 Denmark does not (yet) participate in euro

6 Denmark – labour market 37 working hours pr. week 6 holiday weeks pr. year + 9,5 bank holidays workforce 2,9 mill. people (18 – 65 years) employment rate 78% high rate of working women (since 19- sixties) 2 earnings pr. family --> nurseries, kindergartens and municipal day care unemployment rate 3,2% (August 2007)

7 Wages and taxes -no minimum wage -collective agreements -relatively high wages - relatively high cost of living tax municipality, the county, the state, church 3 levels: basic, medium and top level taxation deductions: personal deduction, interest expenditures, transport, trade union dues and benefit fund contributions VAT 25% work taxcard yearly tax declaration free tax amount pr. day, max. 12 month contract and double housing

8 Social security – taxfinanced social security benefit in the event of illness or child birth benefit in the event of an accident at work/occupational disease early retirement and old-age pension contribution towards funeral expenses family benefits

9 Insurance against unemployment voluntary arrangement administrated by the unemployment insurance funds unemployment insurance funds most unemployment insurance funds associated with trade unions transfer your unemployment insurance seniority from your country to Denmark (E301) register within 8 weeks ask your EURES-advisor

10 To Denmark with E303 E303 – transfer of unemployment benefits to Denmark for up to 3 months unemployed in your home country for a minimum of 4 weeks prior to your departure register as a job seeker at a local Public Employment Service within 7 days European Health Insurance Card and form E119: free acute medical treatment and sickness benefits

11 How to find a job in Denmark




15 good job opportunities bricklayers carpenters painters electricians lorrydrivers carmechanics plumbers sales staff Welders Engineers

16 good internet jobsites Employment Service: newspapers: magazines and tradeunions private jobagencies: f. inst. Portal Job:



19 need more information? find us on

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