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BBO and ESIF Call For Proposals

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1 BBO and ESIF Call For Proposals
Building Better Opportunities Building Better Opportunities BBO and ESIF Call For Proposals

2 LEP name Sheffield City Region Geographic area of coverage (local authority areas) Barnsley, Bassetlaw, Bolsover, Chesterfield, Derbyshire Dales, Doncaster, North East Derbyshire, Rotherham and Sheffield. Total amount of funding available in LEP area European Social Fund contribution 2,000,000 Big Lottery Fund contribution 1,430,000 Total available 3,430,000 Projects outlines in this LEP area now open for applications Description of project outline Geographic area of coverage Deadline for applications Link to download project outline Project 1 of 2 - Holistic Support Sheffield City Region LEP area but provision should be made for areas with a high need for English as a Second Language 12 noon on Monday 3 August 2015 Project outline - Holistic Support Project 2 of 2 - Social Entrepreneurship Across the Sheffield City Region LEP area. Project outline - Social Entrepreneurship Link to LEP website


4 Specific Activities are to be determined by applicants, eligible examples are:
Individual needs assessments leading to tailored intervention to help people back to work Addressing debt and money management issues ESOL provision Literacy and numeracy provision

5 All participants must be unemployed or economically inactive
They must be 25 and over and have two or more of the following barriers to work: Caring Responsibilities Be 50 and over Recovering from drug or alcohol dependency Have a lack of functional English Have family, parenting or relationship issues Lack stable accomodation Have low skills Be from a BAME, Roma or migrant community with the right to work in the UK



8 Specific Activities are to be determined by applicants, eligible examples are:
Supporting motivation, confidence building and resilience through a mix of approaches such as volunteering, work experience and test trading Training on self-employment, including regulation and business planning Signposting to advice on access to finance Mentoring a small pilot number of social entrepreneurs to develop their ideas

9 All participants must be unemployed or economically inactive
All participants must be unemployed or economically inactive. There will be a focus on people who are most at risk of exclusion, for example: Economically inactive people living in areas of multiple disadvantage Economically inactive people from disadvantaged groups The project cannot support people under 15 years of age The project can only support those aged if they are not in employment education or training


11 Lead Bidders Identified
Holistic Support South Yorkshire Housing Association Sheffield Futures Ixion Calderdale College Social Entrepreneurship Places for People Prospects Yorkshire Housing

12 What is a project outline?
Project outlines describe each specific funding opportunity that is available and set out what we want each project to achieve and the areas or groups of people that it needs to target. We’ll only fund one project per project outline. Although each project outline is different, there are five key principles that unite them. Projects must: Help the most disadvantaged Tackle social exclusion Be focused on the capabilities of each individual Lead to better coordinated services Create new opportunities for work. Each project outline will have an application deadline and project start and completion dates. See individual project outlines for details.

13 Who can apply? Any organisation is able to apply, however most of the project outlines available will be better suited to partnership working. We will still accept applications from organisations working on their own, but it is unlikely that a single organisation will have the breadth and depth of experience needed to tackle the complex multiple issues that the people who’ll benefit face on a daily basis.

14 What is the application process?
The application process consists of two stages. Stage one is fully open and competitive and from this we’ll select a shortlist of applicants to take through to stage two. An invitation to stage two does not, however, guarantee that the project will be funded. Funding and support will be made available to assist those organisations submitting a stage 2 proposal

15 The BBO ESF Support team provides support on working under ESF rules and regulations including eligibility, actual costs, record-keeping, data reporting, publicity and cross-cutting themes. The purpose of this support is to increase the capability of organisations to handle European funds, both under the current BBO programme and in the future. A telephone and helpline is available to enable potential applicants to discuss specific queries with an adviser. Organisations and individuals may also contact BBO ESF Support by for a written response. BBO ESF Support Helpline: BBO ESF Support

16 4 Memorandum of Understanding
6. Stop or proceed 5 Offer 4 Memorandum of Understanding 3 Feasibility 1 Assessment Partnership 2. Benefits & Dealbreakers

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