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Biology Chapter 2 2B-2.

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1 Biology Chapter 2 2B-2

2 Review Questions 1. What substances make up carbohydrates? What Characteristics do carbohydrates have? They are made of C,H, and O Smaller carbs contain twice as many H atoms as O Simple sugars, called monosaccharides are the basic building blocks for carbohydrates

3 Review Questions 2. What are the primary functions of carbohydrates?
They serve as both structural and energy compounds

4 Review Questions 3. List several monosaccharides, several disaccharides, and several polysaccharides. Monosaccharide- glucose, galactose, ribose, fructose Disaccharides- lactose, sucrose, maltose Polysaccharides- cellulose, glycogen, starch, chitin

5 Review Questions 4. What substances make up a lipid? What characteristics do lipids have? Lipids are made of C,H, and O Lipids are only slightly soluble in water but are highly soluble in organic substances such as alcohol They mostly serve as structural compounds They store energy efficiently

6 Review Questions 5. Describe the difference between a hydrophobic and hydrophilic molecule. Hydrophobic molecules are repelled by water, Hydrophilic are attracted by molecules

7 Review Questions 6. Differentiate between saturated and unsaturated fatty acids. How are the physical characteristics affected? Saturated fatty acids have two hydrogen atoms attached to the carbon atoms. Unsaturated- have or more of the carbon atoms are double bonded Saturated behave as solids at room temperature, unsaturated behave as liquids at room temperature

8 Review Questions 7. What distinguishes phospholipids from other lipids? The third carbon atom of their uniting glycerol molecule has a phosphate-containing group attached to it rather than a fatty acid

9 Review Questions 8. List several lipids.
Fats, Oils, waxes, cholesterol

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