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Consultation session IANA stewardship transition.

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1 Consultation session IANA stewardship transition

2 Background IANA has always operated under USG stewardship –Changes were made over time ICANN was established in 1999 to “privatise” the stewardship of IANA –A “multistakeholder” approach, but before that term emerged USG maintained a contract with ICANN for the operation of IANA services –But it has been expected that it would eventually relinquish that control –Various reviews and renewals of this contract have been done –Proposed in March 2014 to end the contract, and transfer stewardship to the Internet community (with conditions) 2

3 USG relationship 3 ICANN IANA Contract USG Root zone updates

4 IANA Registries 4 “Numbers” “Names” “Protocol Parameters” Root zone file

5 IANA “Operational Communities” Numbers –Regional Internet address Registries –Represented by the NRO Names –gTLD and ccTLD Registries –Represented by the “CCWG” Protocol Parameters –IETF –Represented by the IAB 5

6 RIRs and ICANN 6 ASO ICANN IANA RIR Policy Making Policy Implementation Services PDP

7 NRO background statements Submissions to NTIA –2006, 2007, 2009, 2011 Exchange of letters with ICANN –2007, 2009 Submissions to ICANN –2011, 2014 Montevideo statement –October 2013 Summary: – communications 7

8 Current Situation… USG announcement, March 2014 –Intent to transfer IANA stewardship to the Internet community –Subject to stated conditions and agreement –ICANN to convene a multistakeholder planning process –Community consultation April-May 2014 IANA Coordination Group (ICG), June 2014 –Tasked to produce the transition plan, for implementation when contract expires in September 2015 –RFP issued 9 September, with deadline 15 January 2015 Responses requested from 3 “Operational Communities” –All ICG processes are transparent, documented and accessible online: 8

9 Draft proposal

10 RIRs: consultation process 10 DATEPROCESS 8 September 2014ICG release of RFP Sep – Nov2014NRO regional consultations December2014NRO to consolidate regional consultations 15 January2015NRO to submit transition plan to ICG 27 February2015ICG to produce draft transition plan Mar - May2015NRO regional consultations about draft plan 29 May2015NRO response to draft plan 26 June2015ICG to send final proposal to the USG

11 ICG: consultation process 11 RIRs Names Protocol (communities) ICG USgov

12 IP addressing community Possible issues to consider –ICANN as the ongoing operator of IANA –Operational security of IANA functions –Policy compliance by IANA –IANA oversight mechanisms –ICANN’s accountability to the RIR communities –Agreements between ICANN and the RIRs/NRO 12

13 DRAFT Draft proposal – for discussion 13

14 Questions … What are the current agreements that RIRs have with ICANN? –ASO MoU, signed between ICANN and NRO in 2004 –Exchange of letters between ICANN and NRO in 2007 –Renewal of exchange of letters in 2009 What does an SLA between ICANN and NRO mean? –A contract with ICANN for IANA to provide the IP address allocation service to the RIRs What is an Affirmation of Commitments? –A non-binding expression of understanding between NRO and ICANN that describes: the bottom up consensus-based, multi- stakeholder model for Internet governance; the preservation of good governance practices of transparency and accountability; acting in the best interests of the Internet community 14

15 Next steps 15 DATEPROCESS 17 September2014Consultation session at APNIC38 Sept - Nov2014Mailing list discussion December2014NRO to compile RIR proposals 15 January2015NRO to submit initial transition plan to ICG

16 16

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