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Removing Scale from Water Treatment Plants Using SRZ-1 from TopDuck Products.

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1 Removing Scale from Water Treatment Plants Using SRZ-1 from TopDuck Products

2 Overview of SRZ-1 TopDuck Products, LLC has developed many life saving and life changing products. Our list of products include Gunzilla, Superzilla, Copperzilla, ZillaFlow, ZillaFree and ZillaGuard. Gunzilla, Copperzilla and Superzilla are three products that are being purchased by governments around the world. SRZ-1 is unique in the fact that TopDuck specifically formulated SRZ-1 to safely remove the scale found in water treatment plants in The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

3 SRZ-1 Solution Problem: Scale builds up in valves, pipes and exchangers. The buildup can prevent the flow of water. Currently the only fix is the replacement of these items which is very expensive. Solution: Inject SRZ-1 into the valves, pipes and exchangers and turn the scale into a neutralized solution of water, sodium, potassium, calcium and magnesium salts of phosphate and citrate. The neutralized solution can be returned to the ocean since the ocean already contains these non-toxic materials.

4 How SRZ-1 Works Sample of Scale from Water Treatment Plant in Saudi Arabia on the left. SRZ-1 is added and a immediate reaction begins. This reaction is giving off harmless carbon dioxide gas and breaking down the scale.

5 SRZ-1 Reaction Timeline After 1 hour in SRZ-1 the scale has been reduced to 30% of its original size. After 3 hours the scale has been reduced to less than 10% of its original size. The white foam is the carbon dioxide leaving the solution. After 1 hour After 3 hours

6 Scale after 7 hours in SRZ-1 Solution There is no scale remaining after sitting in SRZ-1 for seven hours. What is left is a neutral solution containing water, sodium, potassium, calcium and magnesium salts of phosphate, and citrate. This is a harmless solution at this point and we would recommend the solution be returned to the ocean. We are not aware of any environment reason why the remaining solution should not be put back into the ocean.

7 Cautions for Using SRZ-1 Once SRZ-1 comes it contact with scale it will automatically give off large amounts of carbon dioxide gas. This is a harmless gas except it is important to be sure the gas has a means of escape from pipes, valves or exchangers. If there are no means for the gas to escape the pressure inside could break pipes, valves or exchangers. Always wear face shields, protective gloves and gown when applying SRZ-1.

8 Other Uses for SRZ-1 SRZ-1 can be used to remove rust. Once the rust is removed it is important to coat the metal with Superzilla or ZillaGuard to prevent the rust from coming back. If the steel parts have an oil coating then you would need to use SRZ-2 to remove the rust.

9 TopDuck Products, LLC Formulations Gunzilla – Is a cleaner, lubricant and protector (CLP) for weapons. It has reduced weapon malfunctions in combat by 75% or more and is considered a life saving product. This product is sold to virtually every federal agency in the U.S. Government including the Secret Service to protect the President. Copperzilla – Is used by snipers with Gunzilla to remove the most difficult copper fouling in weapons. Generally this product is only needed when solid copper bullets are being used. Most bullets are copper jacketed. Superzilla – Is a superior penetrating oil, cleaner and lubricant. It is made from plants and is non-hazardous. It will perform when all other products have failed. ZillaFlow – Is used to remove paraffins and asphaltenes from oil wells and oil pipelines. It will also turn sludge in storage tanks into an oil that can be sent directly to the refinery as a normal crude oil. ZillaFlow is also used to increase the oil and gas production in oil wells. ZillaGuard – This is an environmentally safe product to apply to anything where you want maximum protection from rust and corrosion. Ideal for tools and dies prior to going into storage or coating steel objects to protect them from rusting. ZillaFree – This is our group of scale removers and SRZ-1 will be part of this family of scale removers. Also in this group are scale removers for the oil industry.

10 World Headquarters TopDuck Products, LLC Don Kettles, President 2902 Sanders Rd. Lansing, MI. 48917 USA Tel: 517 322-3202 Email: Website: or At TopDuck, we make “life saving products” TopDuck Products, LLC manufactures and markets environmentally friendly and superior performing products for home, government and industry. Our team of chemist can develop a superior solution for virtually any problem and it will be friendly to the environment. We would welcome the opportunity to prove why are products are the best in the world.

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