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Leticia Reyes-Nash, MBA Chief of Health Policy, IDPH June 25, 2015

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1 Leticia Reyes-Nash, MBA Chief of Health Policy, IDPH June 25, 2015
Healthy Illinois 2021 Leticia Reyes-Nash, MBA Chief of Health Policy, IDPH June 25, 2015

2 Objectives Outline the purpose of the State Health Assessment and the State Health Improvement Plan Share the overall planning process and timeline Articulate the role of IDPH, hospitals, and community organizations in the overall process Obtain feedback on the proposed process

3 What is a SHA and SHIP? State Health Assessment or SHA:
A state health assessment is a systematic approach to collecting, analyzing, and using data to educate and mobilize communities, develop priorities, garner resources, and plan actions to improve the public’s health. State Health Improvement Plan or SHIP: A state health improvement plan (SHIP) is a long-term systematic plan to address issues identified in the state health assessment. A SHIP describes how the state health department and the communities it serves will work together to improve the health of the population.

4 Timeline 2010 Second Illinois SHIP released ACA passes 2011:
SHIP Implementation Coordination Council (ICC) Convened 2013 Implementation report released Alliance for Health Convened Governor’s Office for Health Innovation and Transformation (GOHIT) launched 2014 Alliance for Health Transformation Plan released Planned statewide alignment activities 2015 New SHIP ICC Members appointed SHA/SHIP Developed Plan for Population Health

5 SHIP Priority Health Concerns
Alcohol/Tobacco Use of Illicit Drugs/Misuse of Legal Drugs Mental Health Natural and Built Environment Obesity: Nutrition and Physical Activity Oral Health Patient Safety and Quality Unintentional Injury Violence (note: Health concerns are not ranked in priority order.)

6 SHIP Public Health System Priorities
Improve Access to Health Services Enhance Data and Information Technology Address Social Determinants of Health and Health Disparities Measure, Manage, Improve and Sustain the Public Health System Assure a Sufficient Workforce and Human Resources (note: System Priorities are not listed in priority order)

7 SHIP Vision Optimal physical, mental and social well-being for all people in Illinois through a high-functioning public health system comprised of active public, private and voluntary partners.

8 SHIP Challenges Changes in the Federal landscape
Changes in the Illinois landscape Commitment of priorities lacking alignment with commitment of resources

9 2014 Health Transformation Summits
Series of regional events that brought together local stakeholders to: Engage with statewide leaders and learn more about SHIP, the Alliance for Health Transformation Plan, and GOHIT Discuss and strategize about how to make progress on locally identified priorities using these resources and infrastructure Create new and strengthen existing collaborative partnerships to pave the way for regional health improvement collaboratives and future funding opportunities First step in creation of SHIP 2016.

10 Other Key Initiatives SHIP ICC Report: Aligning Illinois for Health Improvement and Equity (available on SHIP ICC web site) We Choose Health SHIP Video Challenge SHIP Priority Area Metrics

11 Healthy Illinois 2021 Successes toward the last 2010 implementation have included: Development of performance measures; Public information campaign for organizations to demonstrate alignment with the SHIP; and State Health Transformation Summits Looking Forward: Concepts to consider in Maximize existing assessment data and effectively use resources Provide documentation to meet accreditation criteria Design SHA/SHIP process to facilitate action Build from past experiences and expertise Demonstrate integration of primary prevention and clinical care in assessment, planning and implementation activities Promote measurement & reporting of progress

12 Overall SHA/SHIP Steps
Engage stakeholders Conduct a state health assessment: Collect and analyze data Collect and analyze feedback Review and decide health priorities Facilitate state health improvement planning: Create action plans and performance monitoring approaches Obtain feedback and approval; align organizational work with the plan Launch the plan and track progress

13 Stakeholder Engagement
Data and measurement team Executive Committee Organizational members & public residents SHIP Planning Council Organizational members & public residents State government agencies Training Health priority lead organizations Communi- cations Statewide minority organizations Local Health Department membership organizations Data Utilization Decision making Healthcare system representatives Multi-sectoral groups Statewide Action Teams Statewide Action Teams Statewide Action Teams Aligned and coordinated activities around state plans Health improvement and increased health equity

14 Community Health Assessment Data
Types of assessment needed Proposed data sources Health priority status Based on nationally comparable indicators, present morbidity and mortality data; risk factor data; social determinants of health including income, education, and healthcare access data. IPLAN assessments/CHNA assessments and comparisons Planning Council interviews and meetings; and focus groups and organizational presentations. Community Themes and Strengths Existing statewide reports and documents relevant to health Health Systems Data IDPH Satisfaction Survey organized around the National Public Health Performance Standards, Year 1 and 2 data; Forces of Change

15 Planning Steps Engage stakeholders State health assessment:
Collect and analyze data Collect and analyze feedback Review and decide health priorities State health improvement plan: Create action plans and performance monitoring approaches Obtain feedback and approval; align organizational work with the plan Launch the plan and track progress

16 Collect primary data and conduct secondary data analysis
Phase 1 Health Priority Status Community Themes and Strengths Health Systems Change Forces of Change Collect primary data and conduct secondary data analysis Phase 2 &3 Planning Council reviews data and decides early findings and vision Data and measurement team Statewide Vision for Population Health Improvement Proposed SHA data SHA data SHA data SHA data Phase 4 Focus groups and organizational presentations occur; data, indicators, and measures are presented; and findings are summarized into final SHA document Planning Council reviews SHA; decides SHIP priorities; works to align priorities; and develops action plans Phase 5 Statewide Action Teams Statewide Action Teams Phase 6 & 7 Planning Council finalizes statewide plans; Public hearings occur; and Board of Health reviews and recommends the final documents Plans submitted and launched Phase 8

17 Brief State Innovation Model (SIM) Overview
CMMI providing financial and technical support for state-led projects seeking to achieve; Multi-payer health care payment and service delivery models Improved health system performance, increase quality of care and reduced costs Impacting all state residents

18 SHIP Planning Action Team(s)
Healthy Illinois 2021: Improving Quality, Reducing Costs and Community-Driven Organizational Structure Outcomes Executive Committee Oversight Governor’s Office Department of Public Health Department of Healthcare and Family Services Department of Insurance Department of Human Services Department on Aging SHIP Planning Council State Health Improvement Plan Plan for Population Health State Health Assessment State Government Agencies Local Health Department Membership Organizations Health Priority Lead Organizations Commercial Payers/Purchasers Healthcare Providers/Systems Statewide Minority Organizations Higher Education Multi-Sectoral Groups SHIP Planning Action Team(s) SIM Action Team SIM Action Plan Waivers Regulatory Changes (e.g., State Plan, Rules) Legislation

19 Plan for Population Health
State Health Improvement Plan Planning Council will develop: State Health Assessment State Health Improvement Plan Plan for Population Health Plan for Population Health will use: Quality improvement indicators developed in October 2014 for current SHIP, including healthcare associated infection data and AHRQ Preventable Quality Indicators Various state Agencies are engaged in the process

20 Sample Core Health Indicators Balanced Portfolio Examples

21 How can hospitals and community organizations engage with the SHA/SHIP?
Local IPLAN Data will be utilized in SHA Attend/or Listen in to SHIP Planning Council Meetings (all subject to Open Meeting Act) SHA presentations can be requested – feedback will be gathered at all presentations Participate in a Focus Group Submit feedback when requested

22 Other Resources SHA Guidance SHIP Guidance 2010 IPLAN ASTHO
NACCHO MAPP Read about our progress through regular updates provided in our IDPH internal newsletter Monitor our website at for informational updates such as focus group dates

23 Questions? Contact: Leticia Reyes-Nash Office:

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