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Performance Management Process: Overview

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1 Performance Management Process: Overview
Prerequisites Performance Planning Performance Execution Performance Assessment Performance Review Performance Renewal and Recontracting Prentice Hall, Inc. © 2006

2 Performance Management Process
Prerequisites Performance Planning Performance Execution Performance Management Process Performance Renewal and Recontracting Performance Assessment Performance Review Prentice Hall, Inc. © 2006

3 Prerequisites Knowledge of the organization’s mission and strategic goals Knowledge of the job in question Prentice Hall, Inc. © 2006

4 Knowledge of mission and strategic goals
Strategic planning Purpose or reason for organization’s existence Where organization is going Organizational goals Strategies for attaining goals Prentice Hall, Inc. © 2006

5 Mission and Goals Cascade effect throughout organization
Organization Unit Employee Prentice Hall, Inc. © 2006

6 B. Knowledge of the job Job analysis of key components
Activities, tasks, products, services, processes KSAs required to do the job Knowledge Skills Abilities Prentice Hall, Inc. © 2006

7 Job Description Job duties KSAs Working conditions
Prentice Hall, Inc. © 2006

8 Generic Job Descriptions
Occupational Informational Network (O*Net) Prentice Hall, Inc. © 2006

9 Job analysis Use a variety of tools Interviews Observation
Questionnaires (available on Internet) Prentice Hall, Inc. © 2006

10 Job analysis follow-up
All incumbents should review information and provide feedback re: Task Frequency Criticality Prentice Hall, Inc. © 2006

11 Performance Planning: Results
Key accountabilities Specific objectives Performance standards Prentice Hall, Inc. © 2006

12 Key Accountabilities Broad areas of a job the employee is responsible
for which the employee is responsible for producing results Prentice Hall, Inc. © 2006

13 Specific Objectives Statements of outcomes Important Measurable
Prentice Hall, Inc. © 2006

14 Performance Standards
“Yardstick” to evaluate how well employees have achieved each objective Information on acceptable and unacceptable performance, such as quality quantity cost time Prentice Hall, Inc. © 2006

15 Performance Planning: Behaviors
How a job is done Prentice Hall, Inc. © 2006

16 Performance Planning: Competencies
Measurable clusters of KSAs Critical in determining how results will be achieved Prentice Hall, Inc. © 2006

17 Performance Planning: Development Plan
Areas for improvement Goals to be achieved in each area of improvement Prentice Hall, Inc. © 2006

18 Performance Execution: Employee Responsibilities
Commitment to goal achievement Ongoing requests for feedback and coaching Communication with supervisor Collecting and sharing performance data Preparing for performance reviews Prentice Hall, Inc. © 2006

19 Performance Execution: Manager Responsibilities
Observation and documentation Updates Feedback Resources Reinforcement Prentice Hall, Inc. © 2006

20 Performance Assessment
Manager assessment Self-assessment Other sources (e.g., peers, customers, etc.) Prentice Hall, Inc. © 2006

21 Multiple Assessments Are Necessary
Increase employee ownership Increase commitment Provide information Ensure mutual understanding Prentice Hall, Inc. © 2006

22 Performance Review Overview of Appraisal Meeting
Past Behaviors and results Present Compensation to be received Future New goals and development plans Prentice Hall, Inc. © 2006

23 Six Steps for Conducting Productive Performance Reviews
Identify what the employee has done well and poorly Solicit feedback Discuss the implications of changing behaviors Prentice Hall, Inc. © 2006

24 Six Steps for Conducting Productive Performance Reviews
Explain how skills used in past achievements can help overcome any performance problems Agree on an action plan Set a follow-up meeting and agree on behaviors, actions, attitudes to be evaluated Prentice Hall, Inc. © 2006

25 Performance Renewal and Recontracting
Same as/different from Performance Planning Uses insights and information from previous phases Cycle begins again Prentice Hall, Inc. © 2006

26 Performance Management Process Summary: Key Points
Ongoing process Each component is important If one is implemented poorly, whole system suffers Links between components must be clear Prentice Hall, Inc. © 2006

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