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CT 310: Organizational Communication Leadership II.

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1 CT 310: Organizational Communication Leadership II

2 Charisma - leadership by virtue of personality hero antihero mystic

3 Five factors affecting charisma appearance sexual appeal message similarity actions imagery

4 Fit leader style to situation Forces in the leader leader’s values leadership history leader’s tolerance of ambiguity assessment of competence

5 Forces in subordinants interest and readiness to assume responsibility extent of understanding identify with goals

6 Forces in subordinants, cont. actual knowledge/experience workers’ tolerance of ambiguity their expectations

7 Forces in the situation type of organization nature of the task

8 Hersey and Blanchard task people directing coachingparticipate delegating R1 = not able or willing R2 = willing but not able R3 = able but not willing R4 = willing and able R1 R2 R3 R4

9 Leadership and TQM constancy of purpose quality and pride improve production and service education and training institute leadership

10 TQM - what to avoid absence of long-range plans emphasis on short-term profit performance evaluation and merit rating

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