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Web Publishing TutorialIS for Management1 Tutorial: Web Publishing.

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2 Web Publishing TutorialIS for Management1 Tutorial: Web Publishing

3 Web Publishing TutorialIS for Management2 Web Publishing Web pages are stored on a Web server: a computer with a unique Web address, accessible to any connected client Web pages are written in HTML –Hyper Text Markup Language –Can save Word documents in HTML –Other HTML languages (see Chapter 7)

4 Web Publishing TutorialIS for Management3 Create Your Home Page Use a Web authoring or word processing package to create your home page & résumé Word has a Web Page Wizard that can help you get started Good systems design: PLAN, ANALYZE, Design, Implement, Maintain Microsoft and Netscape offer templates at their Web sites Start with a simple outline Save your home page as index.html and your résumé as whatever you like

5 Web Publishing TutorialIS for Management4 Set up your UNIX account (Easy Way) Make your Web space on the public Unix server –You can do this in the University’s Web site:

6 Web Publishing TutorialIS for Management5 Upload Home Page to Your UNIX ccu Use WS-FTP software to log in to your UNIX ccu account Upload your home page and résumé page (and any other related files) to your public_html directory Make sure to name the home page file index.html so it will load automatically (Note: If there is already an index.html file, name your home page as index.htm or index.html will be lost) You also need to set up permission that others can view your Web files – here is a hinthint

7 Web Publishing TutorialIS for Management6 View Your Web Page If everything is working properly, you can see your Web page by typing your URL: It may not look great to start with. “Play” with it to make it look sharp. Pay attention to good design. Here are some hints.hints

8 Web Publishing TutorialIS for Management7 Add More “Stuff” Search to find sites that will provide you with interesting links Use Copy and Paste to move their URLs into links on your page Find some appropriate pictures or graphics –In Office 97/2000 –From the Web (right click/Save image as….) Use an icon for your email link (hint: check Word’s clip art)

9 Web Publishing TutorialIS for Management8 Updating Your Web Page Remember, when you add items to your Web page, you are changing the diskette version only Repeat the upload FTP to make it viewable Refresh your diskette’s file list when continuing to work with FTP Click on the Reload or Refresh button if you see the same thing as before

10 Web Publishing TutorialIS for Management9 Send Us Your URL Send the email message to the marker THAT’S ALL THERE IS TO IT! Perfection, however, is another matter! Remember:474-8600 for computer support

11 Web Publishing TutorialIS for Management10 Next Class Chapter 2 - ISs in the Enterprise

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