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Why is energy important?

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1 Carbon Reduction – The Analysis for Hampshire Paul Roebuck Engineering Manager Property Services

2 Why is energy important?
Rising cost Increasing pressure on budgets Carbon tax ‘Green’ agenda Carbon Management Plan

3 How are HCC tackling it? Carbon Strategy and Carbon Management Plan
Targets set in July 2010 20% reduction by 2015 40% reduction by 2025 Carbon Neutral by 2050 Projects and Behaviour Change

4 HCC Carbon Emissions by sector

5 The challenge for schools
500 + Schools in Hampshire Existing building stock Curriculum pressure Community use Increasing IT use Behaviour Expansion to accommodate growth in numbers

6 Schools Carbon Group Established in January 2010
Chaired by Assistant Director, Property Services Membership Head Teachers from Secondary, Primary and Special Schools Senior Members of Children’s Services dept Senior Members of Property Services & IT dept Governors

7 Schools Carbon Group Focused on schools
Support for schools’ energy reduction measures Conduit to/from schools Sounding board Development of cross cutting initiatives Identifying blockers and enablers Communications route Governor involvement

8 Measure Smart meters – or AMR (automated meter reading)
Installed free of charge by B.Gas installed Free online data analysis tool Sub-metering on shared sites

9 Smart Meters Automatic meter reading using SMS ½ hourly data from all principal (fiscal) Gas and Electric meters. Data is managed by ‘British Gas Business” and viewed on BG website. All schools & corporate estate

10 Why did we install Smart Meters?
Accuracy of information to drive energy reduction through better measurement Smart meters provide the data to inform the energy used across the HCC estate, and in turn carbon emissions. In April 2012 and 2013, HCC had to pay a carbon tax of £1m Smart meters offers a simple, effective method of capturing individual site data to enable better energy management.

11 Monitor Schools encouraged to “self help” Energy 360 Software
On line data analysis tool Up to date information Trend analysis Simple to compare use

12 Manage More Self Help! Shows trends, patterns and anomalies
Schools can identify unusual patterns Weekend use Night time use Holiday use Better Management

13 First steps for Schools
Develop an energy plan Get the key people involved (staff, pupils, site managers) Easy wins Switch off, turn down Establish what you are dealing with How does this compare? If there are any oddities Do some detective work

14 Training and help Property Services Energy Team
A team from across Engineering and Property Management. Assist and inform on energy reduction and saving strategies. Support and promote Energy to change culture. Different focus through Management Partnership Meetings

15 Training and help 300 + school staff trained in E360 use plans
Corporate FM team also trained On line tutorials How to get going What to look for Identifying unusual trend and patterns What is ‘normal’ use What are ‘normal’ patterns of use E-learning module Staff engagement – energy champions, information, help and advice

16 Projects Landlord Capital Programme (business as usual)
Specific energy targeted works Boiler controls in corporate estate (2010) Boiler controls in schools Energy Performance Programme Solar PV in school extensions Biomass and solar thermal study Street lighting improvements

17 Summary Develop an Energy Plan Get everyone involved
Energy savings and carbon reduction must be managed at a local level Develop an Energy Plan Get everyone involved Better management can reduce energy waste

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