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Broad Sweeps of Imagination The BSI method

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1 Broad Sweeps of Imagination The BSI method
Southampton, January 2011 CREALLE Project LLP UK-KA2-KA2AM

2 The BSI method is Developing learner’s communicative competence
Enabling the active participation of the learner in language learning Grounded on Learning cooperation Amusement Creativity Helping the learner to get aware of the culture of the language he is learning Allowing foreign language use in real life and experiencing the target language during learning

3 BSI is… Compiled by the English language teacher Pelin Gercheker and her colleagues from Turkey Result from many years of school practice and a creative use of elements from different foreign language teaching methods Demonstration of the importance of the teacher’s creativity, enthusiasm, imagination… for the educational process


5 The BSI process

through 1. creating the wonderful classroom atmosphere Tips to create wonderful classroom atmosphere: changing the physical settings having a colorful and bright classrooms using the classical music using the costumes and colorful clothes making different seating arrangements to enable the interaction between the learners


8 Key elements of the BSI 2. teacher taking the role of facilitator not the authority … behaving as a language counselor means someone who is a skillful understander of the struggle students face as they attempt to internalize another language. By understanding students’ fears and being sensitive to them, S/he can help students overcome their negative feelings and turn them into positive energy to further their learning. (Counseling &Community Language Learning) 3. making the learners center of the learning by taking into consideration their needs and interests

9 Key elements of the BSI 4. applying different education techniques and materials Acquiring a new identity in order to encourage learners to take risk in communication (Suggestopedia, Georgi LOZANOV) Pair and group work activities (Caleb Gattegno, Silent way) Experiencing the imaginary life in the classroom Using rhythmic repetitions in the classroom (incl. accentuating on some sounds, making strange noises) Having a motto or different greeting sentences to motivate and encourage the learners…

10 New Identity (example)
“My name is Rihanna.I'm 20 years old.I am a singer,and from Saint Micheal in the Isle Barbados. I was born on 20th February My hobby is singing. I'm tall, thin and have pierced ears. I have a medium lenght ,straight, balck hair and have big green eyes. My project for the future is to make a CD. The name is "Disturbia". I have very beatiful voice!”

11 Key elements of the BSI ROLES OF THE TEXTS IN LANGUAGE LEARNING PROCESS to learn meaningfully (meaningful learning; Cognitive Learning) to understand the target language’s culture to improve the learners’ knowledge for the world to prompt the learners’ awareness to learn the language through experiencing in their own life to make it part of their life

12 Key elements of the BSI Tips how to chose texts:
Topics interesting & attractive for the learners Topics related with the learners’ needs Authentic texts (prepared by native language users) Texts involving famous, important or strange characters Texts improving the world knowledge of the learners Texts which cycle the previous topics, structures and words, etc .

13 Key elements of the BSI USING CLUMSY PICTURES
Supporting the meaningful learning Making words more understandable Creating an enjoyable classroom atmosphere Activating the learners’ creativity Enabling the mental alertness through guessing words and topics like solving the puzzles Enabling to lengthen the time of attention for learning, Activating the two parts of the brain enabling the concrete and abstract learning Enabling the acquisition of language through reflecting the real world



16 Key elements of the BSI USING DRAMA powers creative self expression
engages the use of imagination increases self confidence enhances cognitive, affective and motor development develops understanding of self and the world gives alternate perspective that encourages students to question previous assumptions allows student to experience what is it like to be in a certain situation unique tool to explore and express human feelings masters decision making and problem solving skills …

17 Key elements of the BSI MOVEMENT can go deeper than words.
Jaques Lecoq

18 Key elements of the BSI ASSESMENT
Classic evaluation: quizzes, progress tests, summative test; term tests… Alternative Evaluation: Projects (In-depth exploration of a topic or field), Reflective journals (Develop awareness of process), Portfolio, Classroom presentations (Oral reports on projects or other investigative activities)

19 The European travel of BSI
The BSI initiator Pelin Gercheker wanted to share her experience with colleagues around Europe She was convinced that her experience will be useful for teachers in all foreign languages She searched for partners around Europe and with their support developed a project application which received financial support by the LLP program in 2007 The project: “Broad Sweeps of Imagination: a new method to teach a foreign language”, Ref. No: TR-COMENIUS-CMP

20 The BSI project outcomes
The BSI Guidelines Book – available in printing and on a CD-ROM in multilingual version A Teacher Training Course for in-service foreign language teachers (has been listed in the EC Catalogue with in-service training courses) An e-platform – to serve as a resource centre for foreign language teachers and to encourage exchange of information and opinions The project and the platform contributed to forming of international community of BSI teachers

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