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Stages of Development Adulthood.

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1 Stages of Development Adulthood

2 Adulthood Adulthood begins once a person has completed their adolescence and is therefore physically and sexually mature Legal age for adulthood is 18 Approximate age range : 19 to 65

3 Adulthood As this is such a long stage it is often useful to divide it into decades eg 20s or 40s

4 How old are these adults?
Are they : Under 20? 20s? 30s? 40s? 50s? 60s?

5 P : Physical development in Adulthood
Growth no longer takes place but physical changes continue People in their 20s and 30s are at the height of their physical powers New gross motor skills and new fine manipulative skills can still be learnt eg dancing or playing the flute

6 P : Most physical changes take place gradually :
loss of elasticity in the skin causing wrinkles loss of pigment in the hair causing greying increased weight reduced physical activity decline of fine focussing in eyes reducing in long-sight and often the need for reading glasses

7 P Menopause The menopause means that menstruation (periods) stop and a woman can no longer conceive a child A woman’s hormones gradually bring this about from around 45years until around 55 years Many women experience physical symptoms due to the menopause Men do not have physical change in this way and can father children into their 70s or 80s though sperm production reduces

8 I : Intellectual development in Adulthood
The way an adult thinks often differs from the way a child thinks eg they usually : consider possibilities plan ahead can compare their own views and those of others can think about broader issues than self

9 I Intellectual skills and abilities may increase during adulthood if used : “Use it or lose it!!” As people age they may become slower at working out logical problems but may also use their experience of life to help them make better decisions

10 E : Emotional development in Adulthood
Most adults are described as being mature Mature people should show a stable emotional behaviour and accurate self-concept (ie view of themselves)

11 E Young adults may lack confidence and find the emotions of relationships difficult to handle Many adults suffer from stress due to leading busy lives and having a lot to think about The menopause may cause a time of emotional instability in women aged around 45 to 55

12 S : Social development in Adulthood
The maturity of adults should also enable them to have : satisfying relationships and a realistic view of their future goals

13 S In early adulthood people often continue to develop networks of friends, often have sexual relationships and may develop long term or permanent partnerships Marriage and parenthood may be important milestones for many adults and result in more leisure activities in the home and with their family For some adults relationships may result in stress eg support of their children or their own parents Many people now retire during their 50s by choice or due to redundancy - this may reduce pressure or cause a loss of self-esteem

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