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Application Software By Brandon Marcelli.

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1 Application Software By Brandon Marcelli

2 There Are Two Main Features of Software Applications
General purpose applications Special purpose applications

3 What Are General Purpose Applications?
Browsers Word Processors Spreadsheets Database Management Systems Presentation Graphics

4 Browsers Browsers help connect to the websites and display web pages.
The Browser interprets the HTML command and displays the document

5 Word Processor Used to create text-based documents
Three Basic Word Processors Features Send & Find Replace Command Word Wrap Text Text Text Text Text Text Text Text Text

6 Work Book & Worksheets Stores data and information, and can contain one or more worksheets Spreadsheet, programs that manipulate numeric data

7 Database Organizes a related collection of data so that information can be retrieved easily

8 Database Management Systems
Sets up, or structures, a database, such as an inventory of supplies or a list of employees, provides tools to enter, edit and retrieve data Three most common databases management systems Microsoft Access, Coral Paradox, and Lotus Approach

9 What is Software Suite? Group of Application programs
Describe object linking and embedding Share information or objects between files created in different applications.

10 What is an integrated package?
All in one application program Advantages/Disadvantages Lower Cost It’s simple Less Capabilities of specialized programs

11 The End

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