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Society of Hispanic Professional Engineers. College of Engineering.

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1 Society of Hispanic Professional Engineers

2 College of Engineering

3 Engineering Slide Show Provided by Robert J. Abella Ph.D. Associate Dean College of Engineering UNLV

4 Engineering What do engineers do ?

5 What do engineers do? Research Design Manufacture Manage

6 What kinds of Engineering? Civil and Environmental Engineering Mechanical Engineering Chemical Engineering Electrical Engineering Computer Engineering Computer Science Industrial Engineering

7 What kinds of Engineering? Specialty Areas Aeronautical Engineering Bioengineering Mining Engineering Agricultural Engineering Manufacturing Engineering *Entertainment Engineering*

8 Civil and Environmental Engineering Civil Engineering

9 Structural Geotechnical Environmental Water Resources Transportation Civil and Environmental Engineering

10 Construction Management

11 Covers construction of all types of engineered projects (residential, buildings, bridges, highways, power plants, water and waste water treatment facilities) Addresses both the engineering and management sides of construction (planning, scheduling, resources, contracts)

12 Mechanical Engineering

13 Mechanical Design Fluid Mechanics Thermo- sciences Manufacturing Robotics and Automation Nuclear Engineering Aerospace Engineering Bioengineering

14 Electrical Engineering

15 Power - generation and distribution Computers Control Communication Solid State Signal Processing Electromagnetism Circuits

16 Computer Engineering

17 Hardware Design Software Design

18 Computer Engineering Hardware Design Pentium Architecture Microcontrollers Hardware Interface Printers Scanners

19 Computer Science

20 Programming Languages Algorithms Data Structures Networking Operating Systems Artificial Intelligence Comp. and Net. Security

21 Computer Science Concentrations Digital Media Web Design Internet Programming Computer Vision and Robotics

22 Computer Science Concentrations Wireless Systems Internet Forensics (Law Enforcement) Information Warfare (Cybercrime - Hacking)

23 College of Engineering UNLV New Fall 2005 AFROTC Program

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