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Broadening the Agenda for Scholarship and Research.

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1 Broadening the Agenda for Scholarship and Research

2 USC Challenges Culture of Excellence: Expectation that Every Faculty Member is at the Forefront of His/Her Field. PhD/Postdoc Program that attracts the best students, and the best placements. Pervasive Innovation: Education, Research, Clinical all Recognized for Being New and Fresh.

3 Office Activities Center for Excellence in Research Direct/active Support for Funded Research Small Grants to Initiate Collaborative Research Support for Initiatives that Build University Strengths Financial Support for Core Shared Labs

4 At the Core, We Must be Innovative in How We do Research

5 What to Avoid

6 Measurement

7 More Measurement “For Universities, the challenge will be ensuring that scholars who are making more and more of their material online will be fairly judged in hiring and promotion decisions”

8 New Media

9 Journals

10 Sharing

11 Networked Collaboration

12 What Technology Can Do Information distributed & shared, quickly & cheaply Easier to find and retrieve desired information Easier to expand research networks well beyond home institution Automated methods to assess relevance and significance of information & sources Archives can be dynamic, interactive and collaborative

13 Effects Fast Collaborative Changing Individualized

14 Our Traditions Peer reviewed print publications. Recognition of individual accomplishments, as viewed by others. Focus on one’s own (sub)discipline or academic department Contemplation

15 The Question In our new world, how can universities best: Expand Knowledge Use Knowledge to Benefit Society

16 Do University Traditions Stand in the Way of Our Mission to Expand Knowledge, for the Benefit of Society?

17 Manifestations Future of academic publishing Nature of the library Components of a tenure/promotion dossier IT infrastructure to support collaboration Academic units that span physical space Shared laboratories and experimentation Measures to assess impact and significance

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