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iMET Presentation Mica Brown Christie Speed May 4 th,2001.

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2 iMET Presentation Mica Brown Christie Speed May 4 th,2001

3 Introduction What importance do you give to motivating teachers to learn, use, and then integrate technology into their curriculum? Think about this question and take a moment to reflect. If you feel you motivate others to use technology how often do you do it; Daily, weekly, monthly?

4 You as a Leader Describe yourself as a technology leader? What makes you a technology leader? Is it a quality you have or is the action that you take? Are your leadership skill or technical proficiency? Could it be a combination of both?

5 Vision Vision -What is your vision? Think about you as a technology teacher, trainer, user, your school. What is your vision for those you have contact? Does your vision provide personal motivation and passion? Does your vision provided motivation and passion to another? Has anyone taken your vision and become independently passionate about learning it themselves?

6 Communication When you talk to other educators, does your vision influence your communication about technology? Do you communicate your vision? Do you communicate your vision with passion and enthusiasm? Do you communicate your use of technology and how well it is working for you and your students? Is your communication a process of collaboration, sharing, and others being able to participate in your vision?

7 Model Do you model your vision? Do you practice what you teach? Do you integrate technology into your own curriculum? If someone walked into your class would they be motivated towards technology?

8 Support Does your administration support your efforts? Does your district support your efforts? Do they call you the technology person or leader? Does your staff call you for support and information? Do you provide ways to overcome barriers?

9 Empowerment Have you empowered someone? Another teacher, an administrator or student? What did you do to empower them? Did you show them a lesson or a new idea to help them within their classroom? During an inservice do you make sure they can see themselves as doing your lesson comfortably, capably and independently? Do you think of empowering, encourage, rewarding, and provide incentives your staff?

10 Staff Training Do any of the teachers you train ask for help, additional training, information, or show an interest in what you are doing with technology? Do they ask for resources? Do you give out resources? Do you share training/technology responsibilities with others?

11 Reflection Have you reflected on what the others think about you as a technology leader? Have you ever tried to understand how they see what you are do? Have you tried to understand their perceptions? Have you taken the time to understand your own perception and how you talk and act about technology and the effect on others?

12 Personal Qualities Do you embrace change? Are you a life-long learner? Honest and Trustworthy Able to work well with others Collaborates well with others

13 Change Are you able to overcome teacher resistance to change. Do you understand their fears? Can you think of a process to overcome resistance to change? In yourself and others.

14 Technology Leaders Do you consider yourself a technology leader now? If not consider what a leader and a technology leader is, however I’m sure all of you one way or another a leaders otherwise you wouldn’t be here today.

15 Leadership William Cohen, The Art of the Leader, 1990. “Leadership is the ability to help people do things that they didn’t know they could do or didn’t know needed to be done” Technology Leadership is the ability to motivate educators to take action to learn, use, and integrate technology into the curriculum.

16 What is Next? Do you want to become a better technology leader? What impact can you have on teachers, students and administrators, district or the system? Discussion, Questions, Feedback Technology Leadership Resources at

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