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Streamlining the Purchasing Process – The Enhanced Penn Marketplace January 5, 2004.

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1 Streamlining the Purchasing Process – The Enhanced Penn Marketplace January 5, 2004

2 2 The Enhanced Penn Marketplace Building upon the success of the Penn Marketplace since its initial implementation in January 2002, the the enhanced Penn Marketplace hosted by SciQuest Incorporated was launched on January 5, 2004. The enhanced Penn Marketplace provides new features and functionality as well as a significant increase in the number of participating suppliers and availability of most commonly ordered products and Services from University preferred contract suppliers.

3 3 Benefits to Faculty and Staff  The benefits of the enhanced Penn Marketplace include: –Access to products and services with Penn specific pricing from over 72 of the University’s most commonly used contract suppliers –Availability of Favorite Lists (individual & University lists) –Improved Searching capability –New Quick Order functionality –Integrated punch-out connections to designated University preferred contract supplier web sites for configurable products with Penn specific contract pricing

4 4 Enhanced Searching Capability Capabilities include:  Favorite Lists  Quick Order Functionality  Advanced Search  Browse by Supplier  Browse by Category

5 5 Search Tools (located on tool bar)

6 6 Click on search tools…

7 7 Tabs in the Search box  Favorites

8 8 Favorites Tab Folders currently available:  My favorites (default folder)  University favorites  Office Supplies (Top 20)  Laboratory Supplies (Top 20)

9 9 Quick Order If one exact match is found, item is returned automatically and added to the requisition If more than one match is found, search results will be presented. Select item to Order, enter Qty and add to the cart

10 10 Advanced Search

11 11 Browse by Supplier Enter Supplier Name OR Enter Supplier Type- Hosted Catalog, Punch-out, or All) to view product categories offered by each supplier

12 12 Browse by Category

13 13 “Results for your search”

14 14Legends

15 15 Punch-out  Each punch-out site contains on-line help  Quantity must be updated once the shopping cart has been brought into BEN Buys

16 16 Favorites List Reference the “Favorites” guide created by FTD. It can be found at the following URL:  Create –An unlimited number of favorites lists can be created  Modify/ Delete  Rename  Copy/ Move

17 17  Items that differ from the TPN hosted Penn Marketplace –Quick order search- new Marketplace only allows one item entered at a time –Multiple items can not be added to the requisition simultaneously –Wildcards are embedded in the search before and after the search criteria entered. Also known as Boolean search

18 18  Future Enhancements –Ability to sort items by price –Selecting more than one item from search results and adding to requisition

19 19 Other  Upgrades –Remedy 5.1.2  Upgrading to new EXE. File  Add Harmony as new client server/ Delete Prism –Morning of 1/5/2003- instructions will be sent –MarkView –JInitiator

20 20 Other  Changes to the 1XX and 2XX reports  Post go-live KT –January 2004

21 21 QUESTIONS? Please direct all questions to Vira Homick, eProcurement Manager in Purchasing Services at (phone) 215-898-9187 or (e-mail)

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