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Information Architecture Week 15. Information Architecture CALENDAR.

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1 Information Architecture Week 15

2 Information Architecture CALENDAR

3 Information Architecture AGENDA Finish the Research Project We will finish all individual tasks this week and launch the web site. If you are finished with your individual task for the group research project, you should continue to work on your visual mock-ups

4 Information Architecture Update the KCC Usability Project Web Site. Work on your individual task for updating the class web site. ASSIGNMENT Due Week 15 Continue working on your visual mockups/redesigns Due Week 17

5 Information Architecture FINAL PROJECT There are three primary parts to the final assignment: 1.Usability Group Research Project You will all work as a team to collect data, analyze it, and update a web site that showcases all of the data and results. 2.Two Visual Mock-ups/Comps of your selected web site’s home page. You will be redesigning the home page of the site that you have been studying during the first part of the semester. You will be creating two (2) completely different designs. 3.Updated Digital Client Documentation Packet Simply add a last page containing your 1st draft visual comps. Update the conclusion if necessary. Post it on your class web page. Due Week 17


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