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New Unit Organization 12 Steps to Organizing a New Scouting Unit.

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1 New Unit Organization 12 Steps to Organizing a New Scouting Unit

2 Step 1: Identify the Prospect Determine the Youth Market –Underserved areas –Locations of schools and other youth programs –New religious institutions being organized Research Potential Charter Organizations –Size of organization –Mission of organization –Current Scouters that are members of organization

3 Step 2: Approach the Prospect Ask fact finding questions and LISTEN –What is your organization doing in the community? –What roadblocks keep your organization from achieving those objectives? –What are your organizations biggest needs? –What is your organizations goals? –What programs do you offer? –Where could you use the most help?

4 Step 3: The Sales Call Selling the benefits of Scouting to a potential charter partner

5 Making the Sale Address organizations goals, needs, and priorities. –How can Scouting help the organization address these? Needs of the neighborhood Purpose of Scouting Benefits of Scouting The program(s) of Scouting Support –Council –Camps –Insurance Next Steps

6 Closing the sale Use carefully worded questions to close the sale to get the prospect to say “Yes” –Do you feel Scouting would be an answer to some of your goals? –Would you lend your personal support to using Scouting as part of your youth program? –Would you be willing to ask 3 or 4 people to serve on an organizing committee

7 Handling Objections In advance, develop a list of potential questions and answers. Remember and objections is not a “No”, it’s only a “I’m not ready to say “Yes”. Listen for additional needs of organization. Ask open ended questions. Why? If you don’t know answer, say you will get back with them, and get them an answer within 24 hrs.

8 Review Responsibilities Charter Partner –Leadership –Meeting Place –Adopt Scouting program as part of its youth service program. –Encourage participation in council/district events/activities Boy Scouts –Adult leader training –Insurance –Program support –Camping facilities and programs –Jr. Leader Training –National resources

9 Step 4: Organization Adopts Program Appoint a Chartered Organization Representative Appoint Organizing Committee

10 Step 5: Organizing Committee Meets Understands aims and methods of Scouting Knows steps to organizing unit. Familiar with program planning. Understand process for selecting unit leaders. Aware of training opportunities. Familiar with BSA literature and material support for leaders

11 Step 6: Recruit Key Leaders Brainstorm – Make a list of all people that would make good leaders. Present list to organization for approval. Select people to make the ask. Make personal ask

12 Step 7: Plan and Organize Program Annual Program Plan with Budget Scouting Resources –Program helps –Program planning guides –Ideal Year of Scouting Outdoor Program

13 Step 8: Train Leaders New Leader Essentials Leader Specific Training –Cubmaster/Scoutmaster/Advisor) –Committee –Den Leader (Tiger/Wolf-Bear/Webelos) Supplemental –Roundtable –Pow Wow/University

14 Step 9: Recruit Youth and Other Parents See Recruitment Guides

15 Step 10: Complete Paperwork Adult Application Youth Applications

16 Step 11: First Unit Meeting

17 Step 12: Follow Up Charter Presentation

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