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Lecture 11/19/05 CHE132: General Chemistry II Dr. Jimmy Hauri.

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1 Lecture 11/19/05 CHE132: General Chemistry II Dr. Jimmy Hauri

2 Office: 253 Testa Science Building Email: Office phone: x 7359 Office hours: MWThF 9:30-12

3 Chemistry and Chemical Reactivity (5th ed.) by Kotz and Trechel Grading: Weekly Quizzes (8 x 10 points/each) 80 Midterms (3 x 135 points/each)405 Final (cumulative)150 Laboratory250 Paper 90 Class Participation 25 Total 1000

4 Quizzes: A short quiz will be given every Friday. No make-ups, but the lowest scores will be dropped, so that only 10 quizzes count toward final grade. Class participation: Easy to get full credit, just attend class and be involved with class discussion Calculator policy: Students may only use non- programmable calculators during exams. Calculators that can store more than a single line of text in memory are prohibited. Attendance: Will not be taken, but important to learn anything.

5 Academic Dishonesty: Don’t cheat!! See A. C. Student Academic Handbook for consequences. Paper: 5-page paper on a chemistry topic. Extra credit: 2 – 5 points per seminar. Turn in a ~1-page summary within a week of an approved seminar for credit. Quality of summary determines points.

6 Exam schedule Exam 1 – Wednesday, February 16, 2005 Exam 2 – Wednesday, March 23, 2005 Exam 3 – Monday, April 18, 2005

7 Quiz 1 Find a science article in the NEWSPAPER 4 papers free on Campus (Science Tuesday) Critique article Turn in during office hours before end of office hours Wednesday January 26 th

8 A + B ↔ AB Rate based on: Constant Concentration

9 At Equilibrium: Rates (forward and reverse) are equal Concentrations stop changing Reactions are still going ‘dynamic equilibrium’ Equilibrium not the same thing as kinetics

10 Rates are equal

11 Law of Mass Action

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