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英語語言學概論(一) An Introduction to Linguistics Sep. 15, 2008.

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1 英語語言學概論(一) An Introduction to Linguistics Sep. 15, 2008

2 Aim The aim of this course is to enable students to gain insight and understanding about the nature of human language and linguistic issues.

3 Outline/Schedule of Course 第 一週 :Introduction 第 二週 :Chapter 1, What is language? Linguistic knowledge and performance, What is Grammar? 第 三週 :Chapter 1, Language Universals, Animal "Languages", What We Know About Language, Summary. 第 四週 :Chapter 2, Brain and Language. The Human Brain, The Autonomy of Language. 第 五週 :Chapter 2, Language and Brain Development, The Evolution of Language, Summary. 第 六週 :Chapter 3, Morphology: The Words of Language. Dictionaries, Content Words and Function Words, Morphemes: The Minimal Units of Meaning, Rules of Word Formation, Sign Language Morphology. 第 七週 :Chapter 3, Word Coinage, Grammatical Morphemes, Morphological Analysis: Identifying Morphemes, Summary. 第 八週 :Review 第 九週 :Midterm examination 第 十週 :Chapter 4, Syntax: The Sentence Patterns of Language. What the Syntax rules do. 第十一週 :Chapter 4, Sentence Structure, Sentence relatedness 第十二週 :Chapter 4, Sentence Relatedness, Summary. 第十三週 :Chapter 5, The Meanings of Language. What speakers know about sentence meaning, Compositional Semantics 第十四週 :Chapter 5, Lexical semantics, pragmatics, Summary. 第十五週 :Chapter 6, Phonetics: The Sounds of Language, pp. 221-341. 第十六週 :Chapter 6, Prosodic Features, pp. 242-250 第十七週 :Review 第十八週 :Final examination

4 Learning Outcome At the end of the course, students should have the basic understating and knowledge on the issues of the nature of human language, grammatical aspects of language, the psychology of language, and language and society.

5 Textbooks or References Fromkin, Victoria, Robert Rodman & Nina Hyams. Introduction to Language. 8th edition. Boston: Thomson Wadsworth, 2007.

6 Requirement of this course 1. Supplements to the textbook will be provided either on the class website or in class. 2. Students should give a short oral summary to the class of the assigned reading each week in class. 3. All students will be expected to bring questions on the assigned reading to class. 4. Pop quizzes may be given at any time to test your understanding of the assigned reading. 5. No late homework will be accpeted. 6. No make-up tests

7 Scoring 1. Attendance and participation 10% 2. Oral presentation 10% 3. Midterm Exam 30% 4. Final exam 30% 5. Quizzes 20%

8 This is a tentative course schedule; it will be revised if necessary. Good Luck!

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