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Test Construction Workshop Professors of Psychiatric & Mental Health Nursing.

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1 Test Construction Workshop Professors of Psychiatric & Mental Health Nursing

2 Evaluation & Learning Objectives “Base Exam on course objective” Ideas About Learning and Teaching

3 There is an essential relationship between teaching and learning, and it could be argued that although it is possible to learn without being taught, it is not possible to teach without learning taking place. That is, if no learning has occurred, then teaching did not occur either. Telling might occurred, then not teaching

4  A process resulting in some modification, relatively permanent, of the way of thinking, feeling, doing, of the learner.

5  Is a continuous process  Based upon criteria  Cooperatively developed  Concerned with measurement of the performance of learners, the effectiveness of teachers and the quality of the programme.

6 The Evaluation Process Provides a basis for value judgment that permit better educational decision- making.

7 Notice to All Teachers Your are reminded that evaluation of education must begin with a clear and meaningful definition of its objectives

8 Student Evaluation: What For  Incentive to learn (motivation).  Feedback to student.  Modification of learning activities.  Selection of student.

9 ◙ Success or failure ◙ Feedback to teacher ◙ School public relations Protection of society to ensure safe practice via certification (certification of competence)

10 Teachers must have a through knowledge of the exact behaviors to be accomplished during a given experience along with an analysis of the level of each performance to be rated according to a standardized scale.

11 A primary purpose of testing is to communicate what you view as important. Tests are a powerful motivator, and students will learn what they believe you value. Because tests have such a powerful influence on student learning. It is important to develop tests that will further your educational goals.

12 Purposes of Testing  Communicate to students what material is important.  Motivate students to study.  Identify areas of deficiency in need of remediation or further learning.  Determine final grades or make promotion decisions.  Identify areas where the course/curriculum is weak.

13 Evaluation --a few assumptions  Education is a process, the chief goal of which is to bring about changes in human behavior.  The sorts of behavioral changes that the school attempts to bring about constitute its objectives.

14  Evaluation consists of finding out the extent to which each and every one of these objectives has been attained, and determining the quality of the teaching techniques used and the teachers.

15 What Should Be Tested?  Exam content should match course/clerkship objectives.  Important topics should be weighted more heavily than less important topics.  The testing time devoted to each topic should reflect the relative importance of the topic.  The sample of items should be representative of the instructional goals.

16 Qualities of a test  Directly related to educational objectives.  Realistic & practical.  Concerned with important & useful matters.  Comprehensive but brief.  Precise & clear.



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