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Frontier Continuity Services Protecting Your Data with Our Cloud.

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1 Frontier Continuity Services Protecting Your Data with Our Cloud

2 What do you think when see the words Cloud Computing… Adapting to Change Reduces Costs Frees up Existing Resource Pay for What you Use

3 Is Cloud Computing secure? Highly Secure Data Centres Highly affective Firewalls Latest Technology Location

4 ISO 27001 No Upfront Costs Continuous Data Replication Automated Server Failover Monitoring & Alerting On-going Support

5 Choosing the Right Service and Matching it to your Requirements

6 GOLD RECOVERY SERVICE Replication & Failover Full Server Recoverability within 30 minutes Critical Servers & Apps Flexible & Scalable

7 SILVER RECOVERY SERVICE Full Server Replication Full Server Recoverability 3-4 hours Less Critical Applications Flexible & Scalable

8 Our Infrastructure Owned by Frontier Technology Located outside of London Tier 1 Connectivity Tier 4 Data Centres Highest Levels of Security Monitored 24/7 with our customised monitoring solution

9 Frontier Continuity Trial 3-week Frontier Continuity Service Trial Continuous Replication Invocation testing

10 Our Customers Say…… “Having reviewed competitive tenders, we opted for Frontier’s Continuity Service and we haven’t looked back. It has saved us time, effort and money. We also offer flexible working as part of this solution and have the reassurance of a 30-40 minute backup window which is very impressive.” “Approaches based on snapshots or scheduled backups would leave us with a hole in our data that would be unacceptable. When we understood the significant benefit we could gain from real-time protection in reducing not only our target recovery time objective but also recovery point objective, we were compelled to find a best-fit solution that would include this,”


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