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The Safe and Effective Use of Chemical Pesticides “Rather to be Safe than Sorry”

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1 The Safe and Effective Use of Chemical Pesticides “Rather to be Safe than Sorry”

2 Introduction Selection, Use, and handling of pesticides is a complex topic Hundreds of chemicals are registered and many have several uses Some Pesticides are more toxic than others

3 Introduction Regulations establish the format for labels and what information they must contain. Labels are legal documents Proper use will avoid harm to yourself and the environment Safety is the Key!!

4 Safe and Effective Use A pesticide is a substance or mixture intended for preventing, destroying, & repelling any form of life declared to be a pest Toxicity is the capacity of a chemical to cause injury Pesticides must be toxic in order to kill pests

5 Safe and Effective Use The way of determining the relative acute toxicity of a pesticide is by determining the amount (Lethal dose) that will kill 50% of a test population of animals LD 50 is expressed as the milligrams (mg) of pesticide per (kg) of body weight of test animals (mg/kg)

6 Safe and Effective Use Special care must be taken when handling all pesticides Routes of entry into the body include the mouth, skin, eyes, and lungs Pesticides are grouped into four categories by the EPA (Environment Protection Agency)

7 Categories of Pesticides Category Signal Word Amount to kill a Person Toxicity Danger-Poison1 Drop to 1 Teaspoon HIGHLY Danger 1 Teaspoon to 1 Ounce MEDIUM Warning Over 1 Ounce SLIGHTLY Caution LD 50 greater 5,000 mg/kg SLIGHTLY

8 Every Pesticide must be registered with the EPA Labels must contain Hazards, pest controlled, sites where it can be used, first aid information, rates to use, how to dilute specific application instructions protective clothing requirements, and days before harvest Format For Label

9 Sample LABEL

10 Format For Label Continued Label is a tool!!! Learn to use it properly You must obtain, read, and understand all of the information on a label and referenced documents before making a pesticide application

11 Pesticide Side Effects Beneficial Species may be reduced Drift Concerns Wildlife may be harmed accidentally Environmental Pollution

12 Pesticide Selection: Things to do when choosing ONE!! Identify the pest Can the pesticide be legally applied to target crop or site What are the other possible methods of control Pest location Toxicity of pesticide Hazards to applicator, Drift Pesticide Residue

13 Pesticide Application Requirements The EPA requires that each state have a certification and licensing procedure and program for persons using restricted use pesticides Applicators must be certified by the state Department of Agriculture Must pass these tests to make recommendations to others

14 Pesticide Application Requirements Many states require continual education Department of Ag has information to study that can help with the exams and licenses


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