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SOSC 103D Social Inequality in HK Lecture 6: Class Inequality.

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1 SOSC 103D Social Inequality in HK Lecture 6: Class Inequality

2 L6: 23.02.072 Class Structure ClassBrief Description Service/I Higher managerial & professional occupations Upper-MII Lower managerial & professional III Intermediate (white collar) occupations MiddleIV Small employers and own-account workers V Lower-grade technicians, supervisors Manual/VI Skilled manual workers WorkingVII Semi-skilled to unskilled workers, agricultural

3 L6: 23.02.073 Inequality and class “ Class is not something that is simply produced economically. It is performed, marked, written on minds and bodies ” – Roberts, 2001:9 Dimensions of class: Skills and Qualification Job Nature Income and Wealth Job Satisfaction Employment opportunity/ security

4 L6: 23.02.074 Class inequality Inequality in Health and Life Expectancy Inequality in Family Structure & Composition Inequality in Children’s Education

5 L6: 23.02.075 Education opportunities 貧童遊行要求 15 年免費教育 ( 明報 ) 02 月 20 日 40 多家境貧困的學童及家長,昨日到禮賓府向特首 拜年,要求政府推行 15 年免費教育及增加學生資助 及綜援學習津貼。

6 L6: 23.02.076 Class inequality (cont’) Inequality in Time-Use Inequality in Leisure

7 L6: 23.02.077 Class inequality (cont’) Inequality in Housing Inequality in Consumption

8 L6: 23.02.078 Class differences in everyday consumption

9 L6: 23.02.079 Time Square

10 L6: 23.02.0710 Class-stratified consumption Distinction of everyday life consumption

11 L6: 23.02.0711 Alcohol & Social Class The hierarchy of drinks (Ma Kit-Wai)

12 L6: 23.02.0712 Daily practice of class distinction There is a hierarchy of consumption/ products Attach with taste Attach with class identity Maintain the distinctiveness Conscious use of taste consumption to reinforce class style Consumption reflects and builds up class identity

13 L6: 23.02.0713 Distinction of Residence

14 L6: 23.02.0714 Readings: Argyle, Michael (1994) “Work, leisure and lifestyle” in The Psychology of Social Class, Ch. 5 Optional Readings (for your interests): Ma, K.W. (2001) “The hierarchy of drinks: Alcohol and social class in Hong Kong” in G. Mathews and Lui, T.L. (eds) Consuming Hong Kong, pp.117-139 Ng, C.H. (1995) “Consumption and the Hong Kong way of life” in Lau, S.K. et al (eds) Indicators of Social development: Hong Kong 1993, pp.334-365.

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