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Ethical Principles.

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1 Ethical Principles

2 Ethical Principles Autonomy Nonmaleficence Beneficence Justice

3 Autonomy Counselors respect that clients make their own decisions.
Clients control their own lives and make their own choices. Counselors help clients to develop independent decision-making skills. Counselors refrain from judging clients’ values.

4 Nonmaleficence Counselors do not harm.
They do not hurt or manipulate clients for their own gain. Taking care not to inadvertently hurt clients is one aspect of the principle

5 Beneficence More than just avoiding causing harm to the client, counselors should seek to help clients by promoting health and well-being. Promoting the welfare of their clients is essential to this counseling principle.

6 Justice Justice refers to fairness in dealing with clients and other professionals. Included in the principle of justice are appropriate setting of fees, access to counseling services, provision of high-quality services, and the fair treatment of others. Treating one person fairly while not violating the rights of another can be challenging.

7 Fidelity Honoring commitments to clients, colleagues, and students is the essence of the principle of fidelity. Adherence to standards of confidentiality aids in the promotion of a trusting relationship with clients. An honest relationship with a client prohibits a counselor form exploiting a client for the counselor’s needs.

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