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Małgorzata Rychlik, Emilia Karwasińska 2009 Poznań University Library.

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1 Małgorzata Rychlik, Emilia Karwasińska 2009 Poznań University Library

2 Project objective The objective of AMU institutional repository implementation is to raise university's international prestige by dissemination of academic staff scientific achievements and by promotion of research conducted at AMU.

3 Project promotion presentation at Library Council, presentation at university faculties, survey conducted among university staff, information published in university periodical, ceremonial opening, posters, leaflets.

4 AMUR - structure 1.Platform editors, 2.Administrator, 3.Faculty assistants, 4.AMU publishing office/other publishers.

5 AMUR - structure 1.Editors – responsibilities activities organising and co-ordinating, collection developing, editing – metadata verification, up-dating, service layout, assistance in copyright issues, users trainings, co-operation with administrator, faculty assistants and publishers.

6 AMUR - structure 2. Administrator – responsibilities software selection, providing proper functioning of platform, hardware configuration and server administration, solving technical problems, providing hardware and software upgrade, co-operation with repository editors.

7 AMUR - structure 3. Faculty assistants – responsibilities systematic assistance to depositors, providing guidelines on effective depositing, co-operation with repository editors.

8 AMUR - structure 4. AMU publishing office/other publishers – responsibilities co-operation with editors in scientific periodicals, textbooks and books collections development.

9 AMUR – operating policy 1.Acquiring policy AMUR is a repository that collects scientific materials produced by AMU staff or published by AMU. 2. Depositing policy each member of AMU academic staff and each AMU PhD student may become a depositor, direct depositing (self-archiving), indirect depositing.

10 AMUR – operating policy 3. Accessing policy on principle access to documents is open to all interested users, limited access to selected objects and making them available to authorized users only is permissible.

11 AMUR – operating policy 4. Preservation policy AMUR repository content will be held for an indefinite period, with respect of data preservation policy, exceptionally, documents might be removed from repository, providing credibility and authenticity of deposited documents lies with depositor, copy of a document can be made in accordance to the law.

12 AMUR - logo

13 AMUR - platform

14 AMUR – collections

15 Scientific periodicals collection periodicals published by AMU will be included into the collection, articles from periodicals will be deposited in PDF format and constitute a periodical digital archive.

16 Scientific periodicals collection



19 Data:

20 Scientific periodicals collection

21 PhD theses collection mandatory archiving, indirect depositing, AMU President's directive regarding acquiring and making available in AMUR repository PhD theses completed at Adam Mickiewicz University: –placing a digital version of a completed PhD thesis in the repository is mandatory, –certificate of PhD thesis depositing is needed.

22 DART – Europe E-theses Portal

23 Scientific articles collection Articles are deposited as: pre-prints, post-prints, optional self-archiving. Articles must be checked before placed in the repository.

24 AMUR - benefits To university: raised university's prestige provided by improved visibility of research results, promotion of academic staff potential, educational process support, administrative issues reducing.

25 AMUR - benefits To researcher: improved visibility of scientific achievements (Google, Scirus, Scopus), increased citations of works, shorter time of research results presentation, common and quick access to research, digital CV creation, documents prevention – a unique identifier, possibility of statistical tracking, possibility of citations tracking, based on Google Scholar with the use of Publish or Perish tool.

26 Conclusion An empty repository is a dead repository and all efforts made to built it – futile. Only when the idea of repository is supported by university's scientific community, the work done by platform creators, administrators and editors shall bring notable benefits including the major one – knowledge exchange and science development.

27 Poznań University Library Ratajczaka Street 38/40 61-816 Poznań

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