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IntroductionIntroduction BA 495: Strategic Management BA 495: Strategic Management.

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1 IntroductionIntroduction BA 495: Strategic Management BA 495: Strategic Management

2 1–2 Today’s Agenda About the Course Discussion of Syllabus The Case Method  How does it work?  How should you prepare? Questions Practical Applications

3 1–3 Overall Course Objectives As a result of this course, each student should be able to: Perform an integrative analysis of an organization’s strategic alternatives based on:  External Environment  Internal Environment Formulate and present strategic course of action and its implementation plan in uncertain scenarios and with incomplete information Focus on real business situations and current events to understand theory’s applications and implications

4 1–4 Getting Acquainted About me:  Background  Teaching style  Personal interests in the course About you:  Please complete short bio form by end of first class  Name cards will be required!

5 1–5 Review of Syllabus What is strategy? What exactly will we cover in this course? Expectations Deliverables and Evaluation of Course Performance  Exams  Case Presentations  Quizzes  Class Participation Course schedule Your expectations and questions

6 1–6 Technology & the Classroom

7 1–7 To Do’s Purchase book (from PSU bookshop or online) – ensure that it includes the cases! Form a case analysis group of 4 people and send an email to me with  The names of your 4 group members  Your group’s top three case choices (numbered 1 = most favorite, 2 = 2 nd most favorite, and 3 = 3 rd most favorite)  After the first week, I will randomly assign remaining students

8 1–8 Contact Details For any questions, please consult the syllabus or contact me directly Professor Joanne Rusina Office: 463 SBA (T & Th 10-11AM) Email: Phone: 503-866-1632 (Please be respectful in using my cell phone number)

9 1–9 The Case Teaching Method Allows you to apply theories learned in class to real-world business scenarios Benefits to students:  Develop a method for analyzing strategic business issues  Learn to ask the right questions and collect the right information  Draw conclusions from your analysis  Defend your position  Exposure to several industries  Exposure to your colleague’s ideas

10 1–10 How to Prepare a Case Use the following steps in preparing each case: 1)Skim the entire case once to assess broad issues addressed in the case. 2)Read the case carefully, identifying key information as you go. 3)Identify the key problem statements (usually no more than 3-5). 4)Sort the key information you identified according to which problem statement it relates. Hammond, “Learning by the Case Method,” HBS

11 1–11 How to Prepare a Case Continued from previous slide: 5)Review assigned case questions to ensure each of these topics has been addressed. 6)Perform any necessary quantitative or qualitative analysis (this includes application of frameworks presented in class). You may also have to do further research. 7)Make recommendations that can be supported by the information you identified and analysis you performed. Determine an implementation plan and next steps. 8)Discuss your ideas with your group. Hammond, “Learning by the Case Method,” HBS

12 1–12 Tips for Working in Groups Assess your own strengths and weaknesses  Research  Excel  Powerpoint  Editing  Speaking Assign responsibilities among the group based on individual strengths Start early, and consider discussing all cases with your group for practice

13 1–13 Presenting Your Case Analysis The following outline can be used to organize your case analysis into presentation format for class: 1)Overall strategic issues discussed in the case (i.e., What are the primary issues you considered?) 2)Analysis of the situation (environmental, industry, competitive and internal) 3)Summary SWOT 4)Presentation of strategic alternatives 5)Recommendation and implementation plan

14 1–14 Participating in Class Case Discussions Discussion ground rules:  Come prepared!  Comments and questions will be taken on a voluntary basis  All appropriately intentioned questions and comments will be honored by the class  Lively debates are encouraged! Try to present your thoughts as you would in an interview or business meeting  Clear and concise point  Avoid “ummmm,” “like,” and “I might be wrong, but…”

15 1–15 Practical Application Strategy is defined as the set of commitments and actions designed to generate above-average profits and create value for stakeholders. Assume that you are a wealthy investor, in which of the following firms would you invest your money and why?  Starbucks  Microsoft  Citigroup

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