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China Distance Learning Activities Updates Jie An Tsinghua University CERNET Aug 27, 2002.

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1 China Distance Learning Activities Updates Jie An Tsinghua University CERNET Aug 27, 2002

2 Opportunities and Challenges China is a developing country with the largest population There is an unbalanced development in different regions

3 Plan for Education Reform towards the 21st Century In the next three years the central government will contribute a considerable amount of capital for this purpose, and will draw capital and effort from regions, enterprises and individuals so as to complete the construction of modern long-distance education system.

4 Remote Education in China First Generationvia ordinary mail system (50s-70s) Second generation via radio and television (80s-90s) teacher centric one-way broadcasting, low cost, wide coverage in rural areas Third generationvia Internet, interactive and multimedia (2000-) Student centric Digital, interactive, multimedia

5 Projects CERNET Project Projects supported by the Ministry of Education Projects supported by the Ministry of Science & Technology Projects supported by State Planning Commission Local Government Efforts Commercial Efforts

6 CERNET Topology

7 CERNET Statistics GigaPoPs 8 MigaPoPs 36 City Connected 160+ Members 900+ End Users 8M+

8 Key Projects by MoE ”National Education Vitalizing Plan” started since Feb, 1999, then Modern Distance Learning Project Established a standardization committee to draft out “Modern Distance Learning Standard of China” “The key technologies and supporting systems for modern distance learning combining satellite, wireless and line infrastructure project”, started 2002.1, with 33 subprojects

9 Key Projects by MoE MoE provided the licenses to 67 universities for network education, call it “network college” “Building College Campus Networks in western area” started this year 152 colleges distributed among 50-60 cities in western area will be connected with CERNET 800M RMB

10 Projects Supported by the Ministry of Science & Technology Key project in communication area: “Multimedia Distance Learning Model System based on High Speed IP Network ” To implement a CERNET-based multimedia distance learning system,which includes distance real-time teaching and distance asynchronous learning system and tools. 7 million RMB This project was led by Fudan university, 7 other famous universities.

11 Projects Supported by the Ministry of Science & Technology The 10 th 5-year National Technology Plan Project: “ the key technology and model system of network education” To solve the key technical difficulties which restricts the development of China network education, to explore the new teaching modes and standards adapting to Chinese situation, to provide an integrated, inter-operational, scaleable model education platform. 11 groups for 11 sub-projects, 44 million RMB

12 Projects by the State Planning Committee China & Japan Distance Learning Model Project One of the 6 big cooperation projects in IT field between China and Japan towards 21 century

13 Other Efforts Local government efforts Commercial efforts Software and Hardware Education Resources Web Site for Self-learning materials VCDs for Different Level Education Tests on Networks ……

14 Observations Different projects supported by different government branches Many universities and many activities Research activities and commercial activities …..

15 Objectives and strategies Principles Unity in planning Promotion by demand Enhancing openness Quality improvement Goal By 2010, establish a life-long educational system with Chinese characteristics which is diverse in its norms, levels, forms and functions.

16 The Further Development Strategy Great efforts have been made for providing more opportunities for people to be educated More efforts should be made for the unity in planning More efforts should be made for the distance education resourses and methods

17 Educational Revolution -MoE What is more important is to research on the changes which will be inevitably brought about in educational ideology, pattern and method. These changes are fundamental in the educational revolution and they are also most important in guaranteeing quality education, cultivating creativity, and meeting the challenges of the next century.

18 Resources Courseware database Internet, Web based courseware Q&A System FAQ Remote Tutor Digital Library Search/Index, Text, Audio, Image, Video Mirrors Distribute Resources

19 Distance Education Methods Real time network based multimedia Teaching System One main classroom, several remote classrooms Interaction between teacher and the students Multicast Virtual Classroom Video on Demand Teaching Web Based Textbook Digital Library Teaching, Homework, Q&A, Examination Multi Thread Learning

20 Technical Requirements High Speed Backbone and Access Network CA and PKI Service Security Service Time Service Directory Service Quality of Service Multicast Service Network Management Service IP v6 Service

21 The Problems Expensive bandwidth Traditional education model Lack of innovative resources Lack of the teachers with networked mind

22 Conclusion Facing the large population, we still have a long way to go.

23 Thank you!

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