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Persuasive Speaking Chapter 14.

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1 Persuasive Speaking Chapter 14

2 Characteristics of Persuasion
Persuasion in not coercive Inartistic vs. artistic proofs Persuasion is usually incremental Social Judgment Theory Anchor Latitude of acceptance Latitude of rejection Latitude of noncommitment

3 Characteristics of Persuasion (Cont.)
Persuasion is interactive Persuasion can be ethical Ethical persuasion: communication in the best interest of the audience that does not depend on false or misleading information to change an audience’s attitude or behavior.

4 The Three Cornerstones of Persuasion
Ethos When audience members perceive that speaker has integrity and can be trusted. Credibility Pathos Refers to emotional proofs, or reasons to believe something. We are influenced by our feelings, passions, personal values, and perceptions.

5 The Three Cornerstones of Persuasion (Cont.)
Logos Rational or logical proofs. Evidence to support claims in persuasive speeches.

6 Categorizing Types of Persuasion
By types of proposition Propositions of fact Propositions of value Propositions of policy By desired outcome Convincing Actuating By directness of approach Direct persuasion Indirect persuasion

7 Creating the Persuasive Message
Set a clear, persuasive purpose Structure the message carefully Describe the problem Describe the solution Describe the desired audience response

8 Creating the Persuasive Message (Cont.)
Use solid evidence Pathos (emotional evidence) Logos (logical and rational proofs) Avoid fallacies Attack on the person instead of the argument Reduction to the absurd Either-Or False cause Appeal to authority Bandwagon appeal

9 Adapting to the Audience
Establish common ground Organize according to the expected response. Adapt to a hostile audience

10 Building Credibility as a Speaker
Logos (credibility) Credibility: the believability of a speaker. Competence Character Charisma

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