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COMPANY PROFILE The Mediterranean Aerospace Society SAM is composed by fifteen SMEs operating in the aeronautic and space sector. SAM, a simultaneous engineering.

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2 COMPANY PROFILE The Mediterranean Aerospace Society SAM is composed by fifteen SMEs operating in the aeronautic and space sector. SAM, a simultaneous engineering system, is one of the first Italian example of SMEs aggregation in the aerospace sector. SAM has been founded to both meet market needs and take advantage of all the development opportunities coming from national and international economic recovery. M.T. Srl

3 COMPANY PROFILE Headquarters Via G. Pascoli. 7 80026 Casoria
Naples - Italy 2005 Data (aggregated data) Employed 1065 Sales proceeds 115 M€ R&D Investments 10 M€

4 Mr. Salvatore Savanelli
BOARD OF DIRECTORS PRESIDENT Mr. Luigi Iavarone M.T. Srl FOX BIT Srl GEVEN Srl MAGNAGHI Aeronautica Spa Mr. Vincenzo Buonocore Mr. Antonio Scarpetta Mr. Getulio Veneruso Mr. Paolo Graziano MAROTTA Srl SALVER Srl VULCAN AIR Spa TECHNOSYSTEM Srl Mr. Pasquale Grosso Mr. Paolo Graziano Mr. Carlo De Feo Mr. Francesco Monti TECNOIN Srl TECNAM Srl CARLO GAVAZZI SPACE Spa NUOVA AVIORIPRESE Srl Mr. Davide Sala Mr. Amedeo Fogliano Mr. Lanfranco Zucconi Mr. Salvatore Savanelli

design, manufacturing and aircraft maintenance activities, development and manufacturing of mechanical and electronic apparatus for aeronautic-space industry advanced technology services on earth observation implemented through satellite and avionic platforms for monitoring and surveillance of territorial environment parameters

general aviation aircraft design and manufacture general and commercial aviation aircraft maintenance and fixing avioelectronic board programmes’ upgrading territorial monitoring by multispectrum sensors crew and technical staff training and qualification interiors and structures mechanical and electronic designing aircraft carrier certifications and interiors manufacture and/or maintenance prototyping and reverse engineering patterns ratification aircraft’s subsystems mechanical and electronic production software development No-destructive controls and surface treatments aerospace qualification and testing SPACE SECTOR design and manufacturing of space infrastructures and payloads for scientific and commercial missions, environmental monitoring, telematic and applications design, development and manufacturing of on board and ground electronic equipment

Integrated earth observation system through satellite and avionic platform using multisensor technologies and possessing operating characteristics enabling data acquisition via diverse sensors in a single mission ground segment which guarantees data in the field of Geographic Information 24/7 for environmental monitoring and surveillance services, mapping and value added information for GIS and DDS systems

8 SERVICES EARTH OBSERVATION Applications Mapping of burnt areas
Monitoring of hydro-geological instability Monitoring of urban environments Monitoring of rubbish dumps Mapping of vegetation and agricultural areas Italian advanced technology Mini Satellite (MITA) Landslide monitoring of Sarno area (Naples) P68 OBSERVER


10 AXITUDE M.T. Srl M.T. S.r.l.

11 Aircraft Division Maintenance Division Flight Operations Division
Design, Research & Development Planning & Production Marketing & Customer Support Technical assistance Spares upgrading Training New type Today production : P 68 C P 68 C – TC P 68 OBSERVER 2 P 68 TC OBSERVER AP 68 TP – 300 / 600 SF 600A Vulcan Air Spa Via G. Pascoli 7, Casoria– Italy Tel Fax Website P68 Maintenance Division Flight Operations Division GENERAL AVIATION A/C reconfiguration Major maintenance check and modifications Line maintenance COMMERCIAL AVIATION ATR /320 SERIES ATR SERIES MD 80 Aerial Survey Ortho-photogrammetry Map making Thermography Cartography and Topography Aero photography Public transport pax and freight Flight school

12 Applications and related fields: - Avionics - Platform Stabilization
Mission Design and Manufacturing of advanced avionic systems for General Aviation AXITUDE S.r.l. Via G. Pascoli, 7 80026 Casoria (NA) – Italy Tel Fax Applications and related fields: - Avionics - Platform Stabilization - Unmanned Vehicle Navigation Product line Attitude & Heading Reference System (AHRS) PFD/MFD 4D-Nav (Synthetic Vision, Tunnel into the sky, Map Viewer) Standard/Custom Engine Monitor Integrated Modular Avionics The Key Factor: Human resources The company has experienced human resources to enable it to succeed in his mission and its guidelines for all its personnel will be to turn their experience and confidence into valuable assets for all customers. AHRS

13 PRODUCTS P96 GOLF P92-JS P92-2000 RG
S.R.L. Costruzioni Aeronautiche Tecnam was founded in 1986 by F.lli Pascale. The company is located in an area adjacent to the International Airport of Napoli- Capodichino with an establishment measuring over square meters. A second establishment is located in Castelvolturno and features the final assembly line, and a flight field where flight tests are carried out. The Company's interests are divided into two main activities: The first pertains to the construction and assembly of structural components for commercial aviation; among these components are the tailplanes for the ATR 42/72, fuselage panels for Douglas and Boeing, parts of the G222, tailplanes and moving surfaces for the SF260, fuselage elements for the P68, helicopter components for Agusta, and other parts for LearJet, Falcon, Dornier, etc. The Company has obtained official qualification for the use of all above mentioned equipment and is ISO 9002 certified by Alenia, Aeronavali, Aermacchi, Agusta and, for what concerns special processes, also by Douglas/Boeing. Furthermore, the Company is certified by the Registro Aeronautico Italiano (cit. n. 1004/c) with regards to the production of P92-J aircraft. The other sector of activity pertains, in fact, to the design and manufacture of prototypes and production units for light or ultralight aviation. Since 1992, Tecnam, drawing on an uncommon field experience of their founders, has entered this market internationally with noteworthy results and nearly 500 aircraft produced. The distribution network of Tecnam aircraft can rely today on dealers in all major countries.The Company's strategy is particularly dedicated on investing resources in research and development with the aim of continued refinement and upgrading of its products. 1a Trav.Via G.Pascoli Casoria Napoli (Italy) Tel Fax Website The advanced ultralight: high wing and retractable gear PRODUCTS P96 GOLF P92-JS P RG

14 E-mail - Website
GEVEN has a long established experience and a world-wide recognised knowledge in providing seating and interiors solutions for aerospace, shipping and railway applications. GEVEN is Certified by the JAA through ENAC-RAI as: - JAR 21 (G) Production Organisation - JAR 145 Maintenance Organisation MAIN CUSTOMERS GEVEN is capable to: design manufacture assembly test certify produce maintain support refurbish aircraft interiors and passenger seating solutions Manufactures ALENIA AERONAVALI ATR AGUSTA PIAGGIO HELISOTA FOKKER VULCANAIR TECNAM INDONESIAN AEROSPACE Airlines & Operators ALITALIA ATITECH MERIDIANA AIR ONE LAUDA AIR BLUE PANORAMA US NAVY LAER INDONESIAN AIR FORCE ITALIAN AIR FORCE COTE D’IVOIRE Product support services Spare parts Initial provisioning assistance A.O.G. warranty Engineering support training consignment stock maintenance repair and overhaul refurbishment field service Maintenance, repair and refurbishment of the following aircraft interiors : DC-9 MD80 ATR 42 ATR 72 B707 DC-10 Learjet 45 Cessna Citation Geven Srl Viale delle Industrie, 9 - Po. Box S.Sebastiano al Vesuvio NAPOLI – ITALY Tel Fax - Website

Magnaghi was born in 1936 as company working in aeronautical field (military only) producing, landing gears, fuel tank, tank oil, engine components . Beginning from the ‘70 it begun to operate in the civil area too in collaboration with Messier, both in the engineering and on license construction field. In the same years it has autonomously begun the same activities in the helicopter sector. In 1998 the fusion has happened with the Magnaghi Milano. From 1994 Magnaghi suffered the crisis that has involved the Italian and foreign aeronautical sector. In 2001 it has been finalised the sale to Panavia (Company of INVESCO, the Holding of Graziano group) of Magnaghi Aerospace activity branch, located in Naples plant. On December 2001 the Panavia has changed its name into Magnaghi Aeronautical Spa. M A I N P R O G S ALENIA: G222 – C27J –MD80 ALENIA – AERMACCHI – EMBRAER: AM-X AERMACCHI: MB339K – S211 – SF600 AEROSPATIALE – ALENIA: ATR – ATR72 AIRBUS INDUTRIES:A – A319 – A320 – A321 AGUSTA BELL: AB205 – AB206 NAMSA TORNADO (TYPHOON) AGUSTA BOEING: CH47 R.PIAGGIO: P180 AGUSTA SIKORSKY: SH3D – HH3F MESSIER DOWTY LTD – DASA: EF2000 AGUSTA: NH90 EH INDUSTRIES MCDONNEL DOUGLAS: MD80 MAGNAGHI AERONAUTICA S.p.A. Magnaghi Aeronautica Spa Via G. Ferraris 76, Napoli – Italy Tel Fax INTERNATIONAL COOPERATIONS Messier Dowty LTD (U.K.), Smiths LTD (U.K.), Messier Dowty SAS (FRANCE), Messier Bugatti (FRANCE), Hydraulic Research Textron (U.S.A.), Apph (U.K.), Embraer (BRASIL), Lochkeed Martin (U.S.A.)

Via D. Macaluso, 72100 Brindisi – Italy Tel Fax MAJOR CUSTOMERS Alenia/Boeing EADS Dornier Dornier Fairchild Officine Aeronavali Piaggio Aero Industries Aermacchi Agusta AERONAUTIC FIELD Assembly of composite, mixed and metal parts through bonding and fastening Production of composite aeronautic products (primarily using thermosetting prepregs) Research and development of advanced aeronuatic parts Project, design and manufacturing of tools necessary to production activities SALVER Spa


18 Marotta A.T. has become referral specialists on national territory, in the realisation of equipment for aerodynamic tests (wind tunels) and telescopes. In the last few years Marotta A.T. has achieved positive results in space sector, with the realisation of significant pieces for company leaders such as Carlo Gavazzi Space S.p.A. and M.A.R.S. (Microgravity Advanced and Support Center) and C.I.R.A. (Centro Italiano di Ricerca Aerospaziale [Italian Centre for Aerospace Research]). Marotta A.T. S.r.l. was founded as the evolution of Marotta S.r.l specialists in the production of mechanical precision components and has been present on the market since 1957. The traditional production techniques have been substituted by completely automated processes through the use of a Numerical Computerised Control machine (CNC) and controlled by traditional and electrical equipment. The production area of the company covers a superficial area of around 1500mq sub-divided into specialist areas. The technologies developed for the mechanical processes today allow Marotta A.T to accurately execute flow panel and oxygen panels (PSU) repair works on aeroplanes used for public transport (MD Douglas Super 80, ATR 42, etc). The high standard of execution is applied to the revision/repair of aeronautic boilers, water heaters and ovens used by European airine companies. The complex control techniques used in the mechanical processes are applied in the functionality control of the thermal switch and probes to record temperature. All the maintenance/repair activity executed by Marotta A.T. certified by the National Civil Aviation Body according to the European JAR 145 standard are certificated by the issue of JAA Form One that guarantees the aero-navigability. Marotta A.T. uses a Numerical Computerised Control machine controlled by traditional and electrical equipment and CAD/CAM in the production and continuing updates in real time with the planning area. The company has developed relevant "know how" in mechanical construction and in the processes contained in high level technology that is used by the majority of Italian companies such as Alenia Marconi Systems. Actual aeronautic production is orientated to the provision of finished mechanical parts and assembled for the civil and military aeronautic industry. Marotta A.T. produces structural parts for planes such as ATR 42 and 72, AIRBUS A320, MD Douglas MD80, etc., but also realises components for the missile industry.

19 FIRM ACTIVITIES Aerial black/white and colour for production of cartography Thematic and synthesis cartography Aerial and terrestrial Photogrammetry Planning and realization of informative territorial systems Fallowing analysis to the aerial resumptions for the state of erosions of the coasts Infrared colour for the study of the state of health arboreal essence Thermograph and infrared colour for the location in the sea of pollute area and ubication of possible loss of possible loss of hidro-systems conduct Ortophoto- paper DTM territory whit Lidar Systems for sight fire Cartography Georadar surveying FLIGHT OPERETING FURNISCING Nr.2 navigation system GPS inerzial traker   Nr.1 camera aerofotogrammetry Wild RC20 munita FMC con obiettivi intercambiabili da 153 e 300 mm    Nr.1 camera aerophotogrammetry Zeiss Jena LMK 1000 with focal 153 mm and FMC    Nr.1 camera aerophotogrammetry Zeiss Top 15 with focal 153 mm and FMC    Nr.1 camera Wescam 16 DS-M termical imaging    Nr.1 camera digital Nikon D1X with optical calibrate 20 mm TECHNICAL DEPARTEMENT FURNISCING Nr.3 Work-station for ortophoto-paper digital mod. DVP    Nr.3 Satellite reciver geodedic G.p.s.    Nr.3 Bromografi Zeiss tipo Zeiss KG 30    Nr.1 Developer to print and/or slides contacting Eskofot    Nr.1 Developer to print and/or slides contacting Colenta    Nr.1 Scanner photogrammetric LHZ DSW    Nr.1 Scanner Umax Mirage D16-L Nr.1 Developer Film Colenta mod. 30 SW-N    Nr.2 Plotter HP5000PS UV e DMP 60 Houston Instrument    Nr.1 Work-station per ortophotopaper digital mod. Apex    Nr.10 Work-station to elaborate firm data

O F I L E Carlo Gavazzi Space develops space systems and technologies for Italian and international projects and is part of a cluster of European companies. Its core business is design and manufacturing of satellites and payloads for scientific and commercial missions, unmanned space vehicles, environmental monitoring, telematic and applications. Founded in 1981, the company employs more than 180 qualified engineers and physicists working in close cooperation with the leading Italian research organisations. ESA Data User Programs for environmental monitoring Prime contractor at system and/or subsystem level Satellites: turn-key systems with standard platforms USV unmanned space reusable vehicles Payloads and scientific instruments for experiments in microgravity International Space Station: facilities and payloads Ground Segment and Ground Support Equipments Scientific instruments for remote sensing and environmental monitoring Systems and Services for Earth Observation Commercial applications of space technologies for security, telemedicine, fleet management, surveillance Software Projects SAR image processing E.O. image compression Digital and Power electronics Structural /Thermal research projects AIT activities (Assembly,Integration,Test) Product Assurance & Safety F I E L D S O F A C T I V I T I E S C U S T O M E R S ASI Italian Space Agency, CIRA (Italian Aerospace Research Centre), CNES (French Space Agency), CERN (European Centre for Nuclear Research), CNR (Italian National Research centre), ESA European Space Agency, INFN (Italian Institute for Physics Research), NASA (U.S. Space Agency), E.U. and all main European space manufacturers. International Space Station Facilities & Payloads Milano • Bologna • Rivalta Scrivia (AL) • S. Giorgio del Sannio (BN) Headquarters: Via Gallarate 150, Milano – Italy Tel Fax web:

21 E-mail - Website www.foxbit.
SPACE: ASI MARS Oerlikon Contraves Alenia Spazio Roma AERONAUTIC: Alenia Aeronautica Fiat Avio Geven Tecnam Officine Partenopee Avio Interiors AUTOMOTIVE: Ferrari Fiat Auto Elasis Stola Via E. Gianturco, 31 Napoli - Italy Tel Fax - Website CUSTOMERS Fox Bit covers all the aspects of the industrial engineering – time to product compression, through the integration of the most up-to-date systems based on the 3D laser scansion, CAD design, structural and dimensional analyses (FEA - CAE/CAT), and industrialization (CAM). Fox Bit has created to the inside of the own competencies a Space Section that has extended also to the electronics and computer science the traditional mechanical acquaintances of the society. AIRBUS - A380 Electronics FPGA Technology Modules for audio and video signals, digital or analogic. High speed interfaces for telemetry / remote control Analogic and digital devices for fixed telephony or GSM Space Programs Software and Information Technology Standard Experiment Drawers G.L.A.D. Experiment Containers MARSIS EGSE & MARSIS SPARE-EGSE SAR 2000 – EGSE A.I.S. (Antenna Interface Simulator) CPD Coarse Pointing Device MDS Mice Drawer System - External Container SAR 2000 Frequency Generation Unit (FGU) Device Millimetric Radar MMW AGILE Payload On Board SW On Ground SW/ EGSE Special and Industrial installation Control Utilization of PLC. Development of control SW Management of field and computer science net ACTIVITIES MARSIS EGSE Mechanics CAD Design (ProEngineer, Unigraphics, Catia, CADDS) Reverse Engineering using 3D laser scanning CAD Structural and Dimensional Analyses (FEA - CAE - CAT) Product industrialization (CAM) Mechanical Rapid Prototyping Aeronautic Programs Airbus A380: Structural design of the upper-center Fuselage section Boeing New Interiors Configuration ATR42 Large Cargo Door Surround: Structural design - Stress Analysis ATR72 Large Cargo Door: Structural design - Stress Analysis CMA SOLAR

22 TECNO IN is an engineering service company with many years experience, providing an authoritative reference-point for public and private customers. The solution of problems relating to the reliability and safety of civil, industrial and monumental works is just part of the daily routine carried out with rigorous precision by technical staff of TECNO IN. The highly qualified technicians offer guaranteed experience in the laboratory and in the field, by means of research, accurate analyses and thorough quality control of structures and construction materials. This company employs engineers, architects, geologists and building surveyors, and boasts extensive competence in various operational fields, ranging from instrumental diagnosis to monitoring and from geotechnics to geophysics. All TECNO IN services are the state-of-the-art support to modern control engineering. FIELDS OF ACTIVITY Laboratory chemical – environmental   steel, concrete and cement soil, rock and bitumen research Topography and monitoring altometric surveys and tests   video prospecting   structural monitoring   environmental monitoring sub-service research underwater surveying On site investigations structural identification tests   diagnosis and non destructive tests vibrometry – dynamic analysis Geology, Geotechnics, Geophysics geological surveys on site geological tests   georadar - magnetism seismic and geoelectricity   archeological surveys   hydrogeology TECNO IN S.p.A. Registered office Head offices and laboratories : II Trav. Strettola S. Anna alle Paludi, 11 80142 Napoli Tel / fax / Viale Parioli, 55/a 00197 Roma Tel / fax /

23 Techno System (TS) is a fully private company, founded in 1977, specialised in the design, development and manufacturing of on board and ground electronic equipment for space applications. TS develops electronic systems, subsystems and units on a on a custom based “turn key” approach. Thanks to its technical team composed of highly skilled electronic and space engineers and by ESA qualified technicians and thanks to state of art facilities and developing tools TS is fully autonomous in Program management, System engineering and design, Detailed electronic design, Board manufacturing and testing Unit, subsystem and system integration and testing, Qualification and Documentation. - On board handling and control unit Image processing and compression unit - Control and data acquisition system for scientific payloads and instruments - High resolution digital video systems - Telemetry and telecommand system - Electronic ground support equipment - Battery and power distribution unit - Actuator driver unit P R O D U C T S VIRTIS EGSE Data Handling Unit of the Telescience Support Unit for the Russian Capsule Foton (flown on Foton 12 in September1999) C O S T U M E R European Space Agency, Italian Space Agency, Cira, Ferrari, Alenia, Swedish Space Corporation, Dasa, Laben, Officine Galileo, Mars, Corista, Ansaldo, Kayser Threde, Centrospazio, Murst P A R T N E S SME Space Alliance (SSA) Italian Association of SME Space Companies (AIPAS) Inernational Austronautical Federation (IAF) Antares Consortium Techno System Developments Srl Via Provinciale Pianura 35, Loc. San Martino Pozzuoli (Napoli) – Italy Tel Fax Website

24 T e c n o s p a z i o di V. DI FRANCO & C. snc Industrial area of S
T e c n o s p a z i o di V. DI FRANCO & C. snc Industrial area of S. Nicola – Melfi (Pz) ITALY Phone Fax Website TECNOSPAZIO s.n.c. is a company operating in mechanics sector of high linear and volumetric precision. Placed in industrial area of S. Nicola of Melfi, adequately structurised, it has sq. m covered on a total area of sq. m. Our company is specializising in up to 5 axis products with up to diameter of mm and tridimensional impellers in particular. PRODUCTIVE CYCLE PLANNING Our technical office, equipped with CAD/CAM software of the Unigraphics ( version NX ), provides to the realization of mathematical models and planning of multi-componential items. TOOLS PRESETTING The tools presetting is completely automated thanks to the aid of a machinery Zoller model Saturn 2, and compared through software with the mathematical model elaborated in the center of planning PRODUCTION Our company uses a park of machineries of last generation. Workmanship center Dixi 400 5X working in a room with a checked temperature at 20° ± 0,3 . Workmanship center Jobs Jo’Mach 241. Workmanship center Mandelli Storm 1400. Turning mill Carnaghi TG.10/1850/CNC.

25 M.T. Srl Company Profile Main Technologies Main Programs
M.T. Mechanical Technologies srl works with other two SMEs, Alfa Meccanica srl and Aermec Sud sas, which are some of the most representative among the supplying companies in the Italian Aerospace field. Our aim is joining the supplying of both mechanical, hydraulic, sheet metal groups and a maintenance service, in order to follow the demands of the big customers, with an effort in manufacturing and managing innovation, in order to organise in a vertical system the entire process in a very supplemented and efficient manner. This allows to cover the entire production cycle, to offer a reduced “time to market” and to be highly flexible in the different kind of manufacturing fields, in order to supply both aeronautical (small-medium lots) and space industry, (lots made of one or two parts), and to be competitive in tools, moulds and dies as well. So, the group of companies, which employees almost 60 people working on a 9000 sqm area, supplies a fully verticalized service, typical of a big company, applying the typical prices of a SME. Company Profile Main Technologies Main Programs CAD-CAM Design, High precision Machining, Galvanic Treatment, Thermal Treatment, Tig Welding, Shot Peening, Sheet manufacturing, CNC Dimensional Controls, Non Destructive Controls, Groups assembling and disassembling, Static and Dynamic tests, Painting. MAGNAGHI Aerospace: Landing Gear and Oil-Pressure Groups (G222, C27J, MRCA, F104, A109, A129,MD80, A320, A300, A319, A321, AMX,ATR42, ATR72, MB339, CH47, P180, G91) ALENIA Spazio and Aeronautica: Structural Parts (Sicral-RadarSat) (MD11, MD80, ATR 42, ATR , 747, C27J, G222) MECAER: Landing Gear and Oil-Pressure Groups A109LUH (the entire landing gear) VULCAN AIR: Assembled Groups (P68) Designed by Mecaer spa Manufactured by MT srl M.T. srl Via Carceri Vecchie 65, San Giorgio a Cremano (Napoli) - Italy Tel Fax

Tel. – Fax +39 (0) E.mail Website

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