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1. Would you want to be ruled by Sultan Mulai Ismael ? 2. How did the Sultan treat the people of Morocco? 1111 2222 3333 6666 5555 4444 Next Image Source:

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1 1. Would you want to be ruled by Sultan Mulai Ismael ? 2. How did the Sultan treat the people of Morocco? 1111 2222 3333 6666 5555 4444 Next Image Source: Use only copyright-friendly or licensed images. In chapter six when Agba was summoned to see Sultan Mulai Ismael he was filled with terror. He knew the Sultan was a fierce blood thirsty ruler. Click on the King of the Wind in order to watch the video clip to gain an understanding of the actions of a monarch (king/ sultan).

2 Sham was a gift to Louis XV the King of France from the Sultan of Morocco. The form of government in France in the 1700’s was a monarchy, both rulers ruled with absolute authority. Sultanmonarchy absolute authority Click the links below to research the actions of different Sultans and French Kings around the 1700’s Watch this French Revolution clip to see what happened to the French monarchy since the people of France were upset their ruler had absolute authority.French Revolution 1111 2222 3333 6666 5555 4444 Next Image Source: World Book by subscription SultansFrench Kings Sultan AgungLouis XIV Tipu SultanLouis XV Sultan KudaratLouis XVI

3 You have freedom here in the United States of America because America has a democracy as their form of government.democracy Compare and contrast what it is like to live under a ruler that has absolute authority and a ruler that gives people freedom. Use your knowledge of King of the Wind and the resources from the slam dunk to complete the Venn diagramVenn diagram 1111 2222 3333 6666 5555 4444 Next Image Source: by subscription Image Source: World Book by subscription

4 A. Use your Venn diagram to create a Voki that explains how life in a country that has a sultan is different than life in the United States.Voki Before you use Voki type what you are going to say into a word document. You can paste your answer into the Voki or use the microphone and recorded it into the Voki. Do not forget the rubric.word documentrubric Paste the link to your Voki below 1111 2222 3333 6666 5555 4444 Next Image Source: B. Create a comic that illustrates the difference between being ruled by a sultan and a president. Make sure you use the rubric to help plan out your comic.comicrubric y Please choose one of the assessments below to complete.

5 School Bill of Rights 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 1111 2222 3333 6666 5555 4444 Next The Bill of Rights keeps the United States government from having absolute authority.Bill of Rights However your principal has decided to rule your school with absolute authority. You need to create a Bill of Rights for your school to limit the power of your principal. Image Source: by subscription

6 Grade Level and Content Area Grade 4 ELA GT BCPS CurriculumBCPS Curriculum / Maryland State CurriculumMaryland State Curriculum RI.4.3 Explain events, procedures, ideas, or concepts in a historical, scientific, or technical text, including what happened and why, based on specific information in the text. RI 4.4 Determine the meaning of general academic and domain-specific words or phrases in a text relevant to a grade 4 topic or subject area. RI.4.7 Interpret information presented visually, orally, or quantitatively (e.g., in charts, graphs, diagrams, time lines, animations, or interactive elements on Web pages) and explain how the information contributes to an understanding of the text in which it appears. W.4.2 Write informative/explanatory texts to examine a topic and convey ideas and information clearly. Common Core State Standards Reading: 1. Read closely to determine what the text says explicitly and to make logical inferences from it; cite specific textual evidence when writing or speaking to support conclusions drawn from the text. Writing: 7. Conduct short as well as more sustained research projects based on focused questions, demonstrating understanding of the subject under investigation. Standards for the 21 st Century Learner Standards for the 21 st Century Learner 1.1.6 Read, view, and listen for information presented in any format (e.g. textual, visual, media, digital) in order to make inferences and gather meaning. 2.1.3 Use strategies to draw conclusions from information and apply knowledge to curricular areas, real- world situations, and further investigations. ISTE NETS - National Educational Technology Standards for Students 3. Research and Information Fluency: Students apply digital tools to gather, evaluate, and use information. b. Locate, organize, analyze, evaluate, synthesize, and ethically use information from a variety of sources and media. 4. Critical Thinking, Problem Solving, and Decision Making: Students use critical thinking skills to plan and conduct research, manage projects, solve problems, and make informed decisions using appropriate digital tools and resources. c. Collect and analyze data to identify solutions and/or make informed decisions. Time Frame: Two class periods Differentiation strategies for this lesson: Direct students to use learning tools included in our BCPS- licensed databases, such as: audio read-aloud, labeled reading levels/Lexiles, and embedded dictionaries. Students may work in partners The Slam Dunk contains reading on different reading levels The students can choose their assessment Learning Styles addressed in this lesson: Visual, auditory, kinesthetic, reflective, Field Independent Notes to the teacher: Collaborate with your school library media specialist to implement this lesson. Students may need their usernames and passwords to watch the Safari Montage video clips. The LMS may need to assist students with usernames and passwords. Teachers can print out the activity worksheet if they choose. In order to edit the Microsoft office documents students my need to enable editing on the top of the document. If you are not familiar with Voki please use these resources FAQ and video tutorialFAQ video tutorial Students will need to save the PowerPoint to their students drive if they complete the Voki or the enrichment activity. Last updated: July, 2014 Created by Andrew Murray, Library Media Specialist Intern BCPS Slam Dunk Research Model, Copyright 2013, Baltimore County Public Schools, MD, all rights reserved. The models may be used for educational, non-profit school use only. All other uses, transmissions, and duplications are prohibited unless permission is granted expressly. This lesson is based on Jamie McKenzie’s Slam Dunk Lesson module.Andrew MurrayJamie McKenzie’s Slam Dunk Lesson module 1111 2222 3333 6666 5555 4444

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