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Bell Ringer What were the three estates made up of?

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1 Bell Ringer What were the three estates made up of?
First estate- Clergy of the Roman Catholic Church Second estate- Nobles and Roylaty Third Estate – middle class, from merchants to peasants.

2 Agenda/Objective Changes the National Assembly made in France.
Declaration of the Rights of Man - Women included? Separation of Church and State? Factions split the National Assembly Video: French Revolution

3 The Estates General One vote per estate
Clergy and nobility usually joined together to outvote the Third Estate Met in Versailles in May 1789 Voting controversy

4 The National Assembly The Third Estate took action and established its own government On June 17, 1789, the National Assembly was formed


6 Assembly reforms France
August 4, nobles spoke of liberty and equality out of fear for their lives. - Joined by other members of the National Assembly. Goal = sweep away the Feudal privileges of the First and Second Estate. - Making everyone equal.

7 Declaration of the Rights of Man
August 27 – National Assembly adopted a statement of revolutionary ideas. Reflected ideas of Enlightenment and Declaration of Independence. Did not apply to women. Olympe de Gouges wrote “Declaration of the rights of women – beheaded as an enemy of the Revolution


9 A state-controlled Church
1790: Assembly took over church lands and declared church officials and priest were to be elected by property owners and paid as state officials. - Church loses lands and political independence.

10 Church land Most delegates hesitated to raise taxes on the supporters of the revolution- bourgeoisie - sold church land to help pay off France’s large debt. Many peasants opposed the changes made on the Catholic church. - Put a wedge between peasants and the bourgeoisie.


12 Louis tries to escape Many supporters of the Monarch had fled the country in fear. June 1791 – Louis and family tried to escape to Austrian Netherlands. Post master recognized the king from his face on money. King and family captured near border and returned to Paris under guard.


14 New Constitution for France
Two years the National Assembly argued over a constitution for France. September 1791 Louis reluctantly signed the constitution. -Limited Monarchy – King stripped of much of his authority. Executive power to enforce laws. - Legislative Assembly – had the power to create laws and to approve or prevent any war the king declares.

15 Factions split France New government, old problems, and government debt split the assembly into three factions. -Radicals -Moderates -Conservatives

16 Extreme Groups Emigres: Nobles and others who had fled France during the peasant uprisings – were on the extreme right. They hoped to undo the Revolution and restore the Old Regime. Sans-culottes: Parisian wage-earners and small shopkeepers who wanted a greater voice in government, lower food prices, and an end to food shortages.

17 Video

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