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Customer Relationship and Contact Management Software Demonstration: Contact Management Process.

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1 Customer Relationship and Contact Management Software Demonstration: Contact Management Process

2 Contact Details Demo - Contact Management Process Section 1Overview A few slides showing how MX-Contact is structured Section 2Simple Contact Management Process A simple process showing how regular contact is maintained with a customer

3 Contact Details MX-Contact Toolbars/Shortcuts The only visible difference in Outlook with MX-Contact loaded is the addition of another Toolbar and a new Group in the Outlook Bar: MX-Contact Toolbar New MX- Contact Group Section 1: Slide 1

4 Contact Details MX-Contact Data MX-Contact stores its data in Exchange Server Public Folders, so that your customer database is centrally available and accessible to everyone on the network. Public Folders Section 1: Slide 2

5 Contact Details You can create any number of Custom Views based on standard or custom fields to group, sort and filter sub-sets of your data in any folder. Filter on Company Type MX-Contact Folder Views Group by Country Sort by Industry Section 1: Slide 3

6 Contact Details MX-Contact Forms Custom Forms have been created for each MX-Contact folder. The Company form is shown below. Each form can have several custom pages / tabs to define additional information and show records that relate to that item. MX-Contact Command Bar to add/open/delete related items Tabs showing related records Custom Pages to store any amount of detail about the item displayed Section 1: Slide 4

7 Contact Details MX-Contact Functionality This sequence will demonstrate some of the aspects of a day in the life of an Account Manager (Janet Leverling) using MX-Contact to facilitate managing her customers. This demonstration will illustrate how you use MX- Contact to manage a centrally accessible customer database while at the same time allowing you to continue using Outlook as far as generating mail, tasks, and appointments in exactly the same way that you are currently familiar with. MX-Contact seamlessly interacts with the database on the set of Public Folders (or Personal Folders in the case of the single-user Personal and Professional Editions) while you work in Outlook as you would normally do. The following process is designed to give an overview of the functionality of MX-Contact:

8 Contact Details Task/To-Do Management It’s Monday morning and I arrive in the office ready for the week ahead. Naturally the first thing I do is open Outlook to check for mail. A task reminder pops up prompting me to set up my monthly status meeting with Great Lakes: Section 2: Slide 1 of 14

9 Contact Details Task/To-Do Management I click on Open Item to open the task (this is a recurring task that I've set to repeat once a month because this is one of my A Category customers): Section 2: Slide

10 Contact Details Company Demographics Using the Links Toolbar on the task I open Great Lakes Company Form to see all the related details about the company, so as to check what activity there’s been on the account: Section 2: Slide

11 Contact Details Associated Contacts Clicking on the Contacts Tab I review the linked contacts to remember who’s who, and see if anybody has added any additional contacts. I select Jack Daniels and click on Open Contact to view his record. Tab showing contacts associated to this company Section 2: Slide 4

12 Contact Details I review Jack Daniels’ Contact Record to check all his details: Contact Demographics Section 2: Slide 5

13 Contact Details Clicking on the Profile Tab I’m reminded he has a birthday coming up, and that he is a keen golfer. I must mention the upcoming golf day. I close Jack’s record. Contact Profile Section 2: Slide 6

14 Contact Details Associated Opportunities Clicking on the (Company) Opportunities tab I notice 2 opportunities for Great Lakes. I open the ‘Promotion for selected accounts’ by selecting it and clicking Open Opportunity. Section 2: Slide 7

15 Contact Details Opportunity Details I notice that Great Lakes is participating in the Röd Kaviar promotion with 8 other accounts. I make a note to discuss the progress with Clayton Palmer. I close the Opportunity window. Multiple Companies, Contacts, Users, Products, etc. can be linked to one opportunity Section 2: Slide 8

16 Contact Details Appointments I check the (Company) Appointments tab to see if anyone else in the company has scheduled to be at Great Lakes over the next 2 weeks. I notice Clayton Palmer has a stock take there on Thursday. Section 2: Slide 9

17 Contact Details Documents Clicking on Documents I see our librarian has added the Chairman’s report so I open the Document and read this quickly. This will surely come up at the meeting. I close the Word document and then close the Document item. Section 2: Slide 10

18 Contact Details Calendaring/Scheduling I call Jack and setup the meeting. He can see me on Thursday at 10:00. I schedule this appointment from my diary, selecting Great Lakes from Recent Items. Section 2: Slide 11

19 Contact Details E-mail The day before the meeting I send him a quick e-mail confirming that it’s still on for tomorrow. I can generate this using Send Mail to Recent Item. Section 2: Slide 12

20 Contact Details Activity Completion After the meeting I return to my desk, bring up my Outlook Calendar, and mark the appointment as Completed. Section 2: Slide 13

21 Contact Details Call Reporting This automatically triggers a Journal for me to record what transpired at the meeting. This builds up the history of all interactions that have occurred with the customer. Section 2: Slide 14

22 Contact Details Documents I quickly draft a letter confirming the pricing we agreed at the meeting. I can do this by opening the contact from Recent Items and clicking New Document, Create New Document, selecting a Template, and then clicking OK: Section 2: Slide 15

23 Contact Details Documents The Word template is opened and automatically populated with the necessary name/address fields. The document is then saved as an attachment (or shortcut) to the MX-Contact Document (item): Section 2: Slide 16

24 Contact Details Summary easy it is to move around MX-Contact within Outlook you can continue to manage e-mail, tasks and your calendar in the same way that you're used to, so minimal training is required to get up and running MX-Contact adds powerful CRM functionality to Outlook while at the same time using standard Outlook items (Tasks, Appointments, Contacts, Journals, etc.) to achieve this everyone in the organisation can have a central view of all customer-related information, so that all departments can co-ordinate their activities to serve the customer better From this demonstration sequence hopefully you will have seen how:

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