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Welcome to your Student Led Conference PowerPoint Template

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1 Welcome to your Student Led Conference PowerPoint Template
This is a project designed to have you reflect and present on how your school and life have going this semester. As you go through the slides fill in the information thoroughly and completely. You may add photos or pictures to spruce up your presentation as well as picking your own color scheme and fonts AFTER you have put in all your textual information. Go ahead and get started, but remember this is a presentation about you! So be honest and do your best! You may delete this page after you are done.

2 Spring Student Led Conference
By: Your Name 2015

3 My Schedule Seminar Teacher P1:Class…Teacher…Grade P2: P3: P4: P5: P6: P7: After School Activities:

4 S.M.A.R.T Goals for this year
What are your main goals for school, academics, grades, classes. What are your social goals (friends/family/life) What are your goals for your interests(sports/hobbies/activities)

5 Personal Strengths What are you good at in life? Not just school subjects, but skills, hobbies, social skills, ways you think act or do things. Examples: Strong reader, writer, math, video games, sports, computers, babysitting, skateboarding, texting, fashion, listening, cooking etc.

6 Most Successful Classes/Subjects/Best Work
Here is where you put in the class you are the best at and explain why you think its your best performing class. How did you become so successful in these subjects? What Evidence can you show of this? * You need three pieces of best works*

7 Challenges and Weaknesses
This is where you put in the things you struggle with in school, in life, in anything. Things that frustrate you, or you know are hard for you or that you can’t figure out. Example: I struggle with reading, writing, math, making friends, bullying, handling stress, family issues, feelings, fears, or anxieties.

8 Toughest Classes/Subjects…
This is where you talk about the class that is giving you the biggest challenge or that you are doing the worst in and explain why you think that is happening. When did you start to struggle with this subject. Do you want to overcome this struggle?

Log in to your online grades How did you do on the MSP in 8th Grade (if freshman) or EOC/HSPE last year? Report Scores How are you SRI scores this year? Are you improving? What state tests do you still need to pass? What are you doing to prepare? Where are you credit-wise? *Check your transcript*

10 Post High School Where do you think you’re going to after high school?
What are you looking forward to in life after high school? What activities are you going to participate in as an adult? What are you fears about life after high school? What are your life goals? (five years from now) * what do you need to do to support these goals?* *What do you need the adults in your life to do to support these goals?*

11 Support People This is where you tell us who is in your life that can help you. Parents, Grandparents, siblings, special teachers or friends, pastors, uncles, mentors, anybody who you know can help you with your life and future. Explain how these people help you

12 Last Thoughts…and Thank You’s
This is where you wrap it all up. A quote, a picture something to give the presentation closure. And of course a big thank you to yourself and everyone who attended.

13 Ok You’re Done! But…you’re not finished.
To be done means that you are just over working on it To be FINISHED means you’ve gone back over it, edited it, added personal touches, photos, clip art, videos, links, and put extra effort into it. DO THAT NOW! Now save it to your H Drive: In your appropriate folder as: SLC PPT Spring 2015 Lastly Practice your delivery so you look professional! Who are you going to invite to your conference and how are you going to dress up to look professional??

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