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Understanding interconnectedness & mutual fulfillment

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1 Understanding interconnectedness & mutual fulfillment
Harmony in nature Understanding interconnectedness & mutual fulfillment

2 Orders in nature Material order/Padartha avastha
Plants & Bio order/Prana avastha Animal order/Jiva avastha knowledge order/gyana avastha

3 Interconnectedness & mutual fulfillment
Material order Human order Plants & Bio order Animal order

4 Recyclability & Self Regulation In Nature
Cycle Of Water Self regulation of breeds of plants & animals

5 Order Material Plant/bio Animal Human Things Soil,air,water Plants, trees, Animal, birds Human body Activity Composition & decomposition respiration Realization & understanding Innateness Existence Existence + growth Existence + growth in body Will to live in “I” Will to live with happiness “I” Basic activity Recognizing & fulfillment selection Conformance Constitution conformance Seed conformance Breed conformance Right values conformance Natural characteristics Nurture/worsen Cruelty & non cruelty Preservance & bravery

6 What is our state today Home assignment

7 thanks

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