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Extracting Drawings - DEMO

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1 Extracting Drawings - DEMO
Although most demos are implemented with word documents, this demo employs slides so that more details can be shown to the students as the drawing is constructed. Rev: , AJP Extracting Drawings

2 Formal Drawings Formal Drawing Components:
Definition: Detailed multi-view representations of a finished part Formal Drawing Components: Extracted Drawings Extracted Views Detailed Features Title Block Dimensions Size and Type of Features Rev: , AJP Extracting Drawings

3 Extracted Views Purpose: create 2D engineering drawings from solid models Top View Isometric View Part File to Drawing File Place Base View Project Top, Right Isometric View Base View Right View Part File to Drawing File Place Base View Project Top, Right, and Isometric Views Rev: , AJP Extracting Drawings

4 Detailed Features Automatically Aligned Features Hidden Lines
Orthographic Views NOT on Isometric Views (unless necessary) Circular Features Centerlines Center Marks Rev: , AJP Extracting Drawings

5 Title Block Specific to Company Part Name Scale Units Author Date
Any Other Necessary Information Rev: , AJP Extracting Drawings

6 The OSU Title Block Template
Drawing Title Drawn By Scale Instructor Hour Units Seat Drawing No. Date TOP ORTHO ISOMETRIC ISOMETRIC SCALE NOTE RIGHT SIDE ORTHO FRONT ORTHO Rev: , AJP Extracting Drawings

7 Load Files from SolidWork-7 EEIC website
Place the following files in your SolidWorks folder: Extracting_Drawing_Demo_Part.SLDPRT Extracting_Drawing_Demo_Drawing.SLDDRW The following slides are intended to be used as an Instructor led demonstration with the students replicating the shown operations. Note that the drawing created in this Demo will be used in the following Dimensioning Demo. INSTRUCTOR NOTE: If any student does not successfully complete the extracted drawing in this demo, there is a completed extracted drawing available from the Instructors Demo – Dimensioning Part 1 on SolidWorks-8 EEIC website. Rev: RCB Extracting Drawings

8 SolidWorks: Drawing File
Open the Extracting_Drawing_Demo_Drawing.SLDDRW and use the “Model View” button to place a base view. Extracting_Drawing_Demo_Part Select the correct part file from open documents or using the “Browse..” button to select closed files Rev: RCB Extracting Drawings

9 SolidWorks: Model View Options
Display hidden lines for orthographic views Choose base view (usually front view) Select "Use custom scale" and choose appropriate scale (1:2 for this demo) Place View by left clicking correct location Place corresponding views by moving the mouse cursor in the desired direction Rev: RCB Extracting Drawings

10 SolidWorks: Extracted Views
Insert base view by left clicking once at the correct location Place projected views by left clicking in the appropriate directions and spacing Press “Esc” when finished SolidWorks will automatically be ready to place projected views originating from the base view Rev: RCB Extracting Drawings

11 SolidWorks: Changing Options
The size of all the views can be changed by selecting the base view and changing the scale The isometric view can be selected in order to change it’s display properties to a solid part without edge lines A scale note can be added using Annotation and A Note The location of the views can also be adjusted by selecting the views and dragging them to the correct location. Remember that the top and right views must line up with the front view. Rev: RCB Extracting Drawings

12 SolidWorks: Circular Features
The current version of SolidWorks adds Center Marks automatically . If additional Center Marks are required, they can be added using the Center Mark option Centerlines must be added to define circular features in Orthographic views by sequentially clicking on the vertical hidden lines defining the holes. Rev: RCB Extracting Drawings

13 Sometimes SolidWorks does not do Centerlines very well!
Click on Centerline Left click on blue square and pull it down Adjust blue square up release Rev: RCB Extracting Drawings

14 SolidWorks: Title Block
Finished Drawing Right click ON Sheet Format1 (or anywhere on the drawing) and select “Edit Sheet Format” Right click and select Edit Sheet or left click on icon in upper right screen to restore the drawing Double click item to edit Title Block Text Click on the RED X to accept the text and hit Esc key. Complete all blocks. Rev: RCB Extracting Drawings

15 Save the Extracted Part Drawing for use within the following Dimensioning Demo
If the student has successfully completed the Extracting Demo, use File Save As and name the file: My_Dimensioning_Demo_Drawing If the Extraction Demo drawing is incomplete, a completed version is available within the Dimensioning Demo on the SW_08 page on the EEIC website. (Dimensioning_Demo_Drawing.SLDDRW). Rev: , AJP Extracting Drawings

16 Extracting Drawings Wrap Up
Homework Assignment Problem 6.4 (qq) Model part and create 2D Drawings with all necessary formatting (to be used in next class) Extracted Views Part file to drawing file Detailed Features Aligned Hidden Circular Title Block Author Units Scale Rev: , AJP Extracting Drawings

17 (Hint: Centermarks and Centerlines)
In-Class Assignment Open this part file and use it to extract 2D drawings. Add all necessary formatting. (Hint: Centermarks and Centerlines) Rev: , AJP Extracting Drawings

18 End of Presentation The following slide provides an alternative method for retrieving the correct OSU drawing template. The recommended method is to download the Drawing_Template.SLDDRW from the SolidWorks-7 EEIC website page as illustrated on slide 6. Rev: RCB Extracting Drawings

19 SolidWorks: OSU Title Block
The OSU Title Block is already loaded on the First Year Engineering Computers and is the same as what is in the EEIC Templates folder on the course drive To locate uncheck the “Only show standard formats” box and scroll to the bottom of the list Rev: , AJP Extracting Drawings

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